The best Keurig coffee maker on the fridge? Keurig cups have extended far beyond buzz and now are an established part of the coffee and tea activities of office workers and home kitchens around the world. The one-use cups of coffee grounds (or tea) have won acclaim for their ease-of-use and generally swift delivery of caffeine to the desperate masses. However, the Keurig coffee machines tend to get less love. Let’s be honest: They’re a little bulky, they take some maintenance to keep fresh, and they are more than a little puzzling to first-time users. We may soon see Keurig in our best french door refrigerator list.

GE Appliances and Keurig are partnering up to making the brewing part of the Keurig experience a lot easier and more…refrigerator-friendly. According to the press release, the two companies have developed a Café French door that includes a Keurig brewer right there next to the water dispenser.

Once you hear about, it’s an amazingly practical step. The door taps your water line, heats the water, and allows you to summon up K-cup coffee whenever you want. There’s far less mess and maintenance than when using a traditional machine, and you get filtered water every time. Also, you save precious counter space that would otherwise be taken up by your coffee maker.

GE has a few other boasts to make about the system, such as its extra-efficient water filtration system, carefully controlled flow rates and temperature “designed to make the optimal cup of coffee,” and Energy Star certification for fridge efficiency. But we all know what the big deal here is: It’s a refrigerator that makes your coffee for you!

No word on what sort of programming options will be available for the fridge-Keurig, but the companies have announced that the first Café Door model will be available in the third quarter of 2015 and will see for $3,300.

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