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Ditch the vacuum cleaner that only works on carpets, and pick up the Kenmore Upright Vacuum, the best upright vacuum to replace your outdated machine. It doesn’t just seamlessly transition from cleaning carpets and bare floors, it’s also AAFA certified to suck up 99.97% of particles, leaving behind a cleaner and fresher environment.

Why We Like It – Kenmore Upright Vacuum

When vacuuming carpets isn’t enough, the Kenmore Upright Vacuum can seamlessly transition from carpet to hard floors with just the press of a button.

  • Powerful 2-motor system
  • AAFA certified
  • Seamless transition from carpet to bare floors
  • Only includes 4 attachments


Operating at 120V, Kenmore Upright Vacuum Cleaners keep their power flow going strong by implementing a 2-motor system—but that’s not all. Its double-wall design keeps that air flow maintained, which in turn keeps its suction power constant and consistent.

Speed & Efficiency

The Kenmore Elite Vacuum Cleaner’s design alone provides more efficient cleaning, along with a 12-75-inch cleaning path that sucks up nearby pet hair and dirt. Its HEPA filter is trapping tiny particles that would otherwise lower air quality. It cleans more than bare floors; multiple attachments bundled inside provide above-ground cleaning.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

To compliment its performance, the pet friendly Kenmore Upright Vacuum has a large dust capacity, a necessary trait if you’re cleaning more than your floors. More importantly, maintenance is kept quite low due to the use of dust bags.


The durability of these Kenmore Upright Vacuums aren’t anything special. In fact, it’s materials are typical of most vacuums at this price point: largely made of strong plastic. It increases its longevity, but sometimes pieces can break off, if you aren’t handling it nicely.


With that said, the Kenmore Upright Vacuum is almost perfectly priced. It has the multi-surface performance, durability, and capacity to back it up, in addition to being very efficient. However, what does hold it back is being bundled with only four attachments. They’re the necessary ones, like a crevice tool and brush, but Kenmore should’ve added one or two more. It’s still a lot cheaper than the Miele Dynamic U1.

Kenmore Upright Vacuum Wrap Up

When traditional vacuums aren’t enough, the Kenmore Upright Vacuum is here to up the ante. Its 2-motor system and double-wall design ensures you have powerful, consistent suction power while at the same time keeping the dirt and debris trapped inside. It’s even AAFA certified, which means it snags 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Who doesn’t love a safer, fresher home?

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