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Kenmore Elite Vacuum Review

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To become the best vacuum for allergies, the Kenmore Elite Vacuum institutes a very efficient HEPA filter for capturing particles. Believe it or not, there’s more than you think. But it isn’t just for carpeting—its 2-motor system makes traveling from carpet to bare floors, then back again, an automatic task, a must-have as the best vacuum for laminate floors. If you want more recommendations, visit the best vacuum cleaner reviews.

Why We Like It – Kenmore Elite Vacuum

Featuring a 99.7% efficient HEPA filter, the Kenmore Elite Vacuum is what you need to improve the overall air in your home, with a bundled Kenmore Pet PowerMate for tackling pet hair and dander.

  • 2-motor system easily cleans bare floors and carpeting
  • HEPA filter captures 99.7% of debris
  • Bundled w/ Kenmore Pet PowerMate
  • It’s a bagged vacuum
  • Power cord is a bit short

Power, Speed & Efficiency

Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaners have two important features: a 2-motor system and HEPA filtration. With its 2-motor system, it intelligently alters suction power when moving from low pile carpeting to bare floors. That kind of cleaning power flow extends to its Pet PowerMate companion, which will lift away pet hair, dander, and dirt from upholstery. Altogether it’s trapping 99.7% of debris, just 0.2% less than the Miele Complete C3 Marin.

No matter how much debris a vacuum will catch, you’ll always need to stay on top of the process. But, our review of the Hoover SmartWash advanced pet upright carpet cleaner shows how it’ll make cleaning much easier.

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Bin Capacity, Maintenance & Durability

Kenmore Upright vacuums floors like it’s no one’s business, but it does have one major flaw: it uses vacuum bags. But, bags aren’t such a bad thing, like you’ll discover in our Bissell Zing bagged canister 4122 review. It does greatly reduce maintenance, and increases durability, but adds an extra cost. The vacuum head even lights up when the bags are full, which is a nice touch. However, a 26-foot power cord isn’t quite enough; it should be at least 35 feet.


Why pick the Kenmore Elite Vacuum over, say, a Miele Dynamic U1? For starters, it’s $200 cheaper and the Dynamic U1 doesn’t wield as many features. The Kenmore Elite Vacuum is also much easier to maneuver than a bulky vacuum cleaner is. However, constantly buying vacuum bags will put a strain on your budget. If hard floor care and cost are important, then the Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum is perfect because it doesn’t use bags, much like the Prolux 2.0 bagless backpack vacuum doesn’t. But if you don’t want to clean at all, then an iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum will be your best friend.

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Kenmore Elite Vacuum Wrap Up

Self-propelled and efficient, the Kenmore Elite Vacuum’s 2-motor system ensures that airflow isn’t hindered when you move from carpet to hard flooring and vice versa. It’s also fantastic for cleaning the air of your home, thanks to its HEPA filter capturing 99.7% of debris and particles. You can even tackle pet hair and dander with the Kenmore Pet PowerMate bundled inside.

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