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Kenmore Air Conditioners not only cool a room, but also remove unwanted moisture so your room won’t feel as hot in the humid summer. Unfortunately, the exact amount that’s removed isn’t explicitly stated. Like most models it’s cumbersome to clean, but we still consider it a best through the wall air conditioner because of its plethora of other positive features.

Why We Like It – Kenmore Air Conditioner

The Kenmore Air Conditioner is, overall, a fine choice for an in-wall air conditioning unit. It can cool any mid-sized room without hassle and has an excellent EER rating which leads to a well-earned Energy Star certification. And while it may be heavy, the rattling-induced noise that comes with light units is reduced.

  • Can Cool Medium-Sized Rooms Easily
  • Comparatively Quiet Model
  • Alexa Compatible
  • No Exact Amounts for Moisture Removal Given
  • Cleaning Can be Cumbersome
  • Heavy


The Kenmore Elite Air Conditioner boasts 12000 BTUs of cooling power. Translated into square-footage, it can cool a room of up to 550 square feet. If you’d prefer a brand that has some variety of BTU power, check out the Keystone Air Conditioner. And although the dehumidifier setting also removes moisture from the air the exact amount is unknown.

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) on the Kenmore Air Conditioner is 12.0 which qualifies it for an Energy Star Certification, which is always welcome. However, this is still higher than the around 10.5 most of its competitors, such as the KSTAT10-2C Keystone Air Conditioner, carry. Further, it also doesn’t seem to be UL-Listed which would have been a most welcome addition.


The unit contains a flashing light that indicates the filter must be cleaned, which is pretty handy. However, it must be cleaned by hand and doing it once a month is ideal to avoid most of the larger particles. While not exactly bad, it can be a little cumbersome. But since most in-wall and window air conditioners must be cleaned this way we won’t dock too many points away.


At 81 pounds, the Kenmore Air Conditioner is on the heavier side of in-wall air conditioning units. However, this also means less rattling and thus less rattling noise. Still, check out the Friedrich Wall Air Conditioner if you’d like something lighter. Speaking of noise, the Kenmore Air Conditioner has a 54dB noise level. For comparison, normal conversation is at 60dB. Comparatively, it’s a quiet model.


Some conveniences the Kenmore offers are a remote control and compatibility with Amazon Alexa.The remote control will be great on a humid day when you don’t want to become unstuck from the couch, and if the remote is too far you can always ask Alexa to do it for you. Just be aware that the smart settings are for temperature only and can’t be used to change the fan’s operating modes.

Kenmore Air Conditioner Wrap Up

Kenmore is a long running brand known for their excellent air conditioners and the Smart 04277127 is no exception to that. It’s comparatively quiet, and the Alexa compatibility makes it one of the few smart air conditioners on the market right now. So if you want to be an air conditioner trend-setter, go for it.

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