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If getting the job done is what makes the best electric mountain bikes, then the Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike has a place after all. Maxing out at 21.7mph, it goes just above typical mountain bikes. And when you’re taking on the roads and mountains, the carbon steel damping fork absorbs all those nasty bumps along the way.

Why We Like It – Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

Adorned with a carbon steel damping fork, the Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike absorbs bumps and grooves of the mountain, preventing the rider from bucking while going 21.7mph.

  • 21-speed Shimano professional transmission
  • Carbon steel damping fork absorbs bumps
  • Has a USB port for charging smart devices
  • Gets 15-30 miles on a single charge
  • Battery is placed in a bag, not attached to bike

Durability & Build Quality

Kemanner E Bikes can be folded for storage and transportation. To reduce the overall weight, aluminum alloy was used for the bike frame. And that’s not a typical trait to folding electric bikes either; road bikes use aluminum all the time. It’s lightweight, durable, and cheaper. The seat is okay, though somewhat stiff. It’ll loosen up after a few trips. The pedals, however, are cheap plastic and should be replaced asap.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike fits under the umbrella as “high speed.” Through assisted bicycle mode, you can achieve 21.7mph, slightly above NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike. More importantly, you get a wide range of control over terrain thanks to its 21-speed gear by Shimano. You can keep track of your metrics via maximum speed smart meter.

Range & Battery

Fitted with two riding modes, your results may vary. If you choose the e bike mode “pedal assist mode,” you’ll likely get 30 miles, give or take a few. For electric mode, it’s 15 miles per charge. The battery charger is fast charging, filling the battery in just under 4 hours.

Safety Features

Aside from front and rear disc brakes, and an LED headlamp, the Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike doesn’t have a bevy of safety features. That’s more than the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike can say. In fact, the battery is kept inside a front bag rather than connected to the bike. However, the brakes are solid, being mechanical, but we prefer hydraulic. We personally like its carbon steel damping fork. It excels at absorbing bumps and, ultimately, preventing the rider from bucking.


Bike features on the Kemanner Smart Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle are lacking. Yes, it does have a good speed and an even greater transmission system. It’s also really affordable. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too basic for our tastes. And besides, the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike is better put together for just $100 more.

Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike Wrap Up

The Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike has had a few points slashed in our books, but it isn’t without purpose. Given that it’s so affordable, it fits as a beginner’s option, or as a beater bike. Its carbon steel suspension is particularly good, a necessary feature to have given the bike can reach 21.7mph.

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