Kate Spade Travel Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Kate Spade Travel Wallet shows it can be one of the Best Cool Wallets, while also being so functional it can pass for the Best Travel Wallet. For starters, it has a sleek, leather exterior made of boar hide leather. Lastly, its 15 card slots are protected from falling out by a zip-around enclosure.

Why We Like It – Kate Spade Travel Wallet

The Kate Spade Travel Wallet is that stylish, functional companion you want when traveling to exotic locations, preferably with the correct passport and one of 15 different credit cards you can store inside.

  • 15 card slots
  • Sleek, leather exterior
  • Zip around enclosure
  • Lack of color options
  • Doesn’t have RFID protection


Taking one good look at the Kate Spade Travel Wallet and you’ll notice it’s simplistic in design. Its leather exterior has a nice sheen to it (likely a wax layer), with gold accents on the zippers and brighter leather interior. While aesthetically pleasing, more than one color option would have been appreciated. If you do not fancy a leather wallet, you will find the Victorinox Wallet a better option for you as it is made from nylon.


It’s nice to look at, but isn’t exactly the pinnacle of durability. The Kate Spade Travel Wallet doesn’t have any practical features, other than tough zippers. Its leather exterior is certainly going to last a few years, but not quite like nylon can be. The Kipling Wallet, for example, uses nylon.


If you’re juggling over a dozen different cards, you’ll love handling the Kate Spade Travel Wallet. This is because it has 15 card slots, two longer slips, and a clear ID slot. Need a place to store petty cash, passports, or other items? Use one of its dual zippered compartments. However, if you want a wallet that takes advantage of its space, pick up the Mundi Wallet. It also has RFID protection, which the Kate Spade Travel Wallet lacks.

Size & Versatility

While the Kate Spade Travel Wallet isn’t designed to fit in your pocket like the Travanado Wallet can, it will feel comfortable in your hands. With its aesthetics, it should be seen. It measures 8.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches in size, making it fit perfectly in your travel bag.


The biggest weakness the Kate Spade Travel Wallet has, other than RFID and color options, is its limited user base. How often does one have 15 credit cards? Any normal person would find at least half of their card slots go unused for their intended purpose. A more versatile option would be the Mundi Wallet, not to mention its affordable price.

Kate Spade Travel Wallet Wrap Up

The Kate Spade Travel Wallet is a great option if you juggle more than 10 credit cards; otherwise many spaces go unused. However, that doesn’t come close to its lack of RFID protection and color options. To be fair, its base color still looks good, due to that leather exterior. At least a zipper enclosure keeps everything together.

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