Kate Spade New York Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Kate Spade New York shares a long list of similarities with the Best Cool Wallets, due to its funky, yet stylish graphics. It holds a tonne of cards, spaces for money, and additional storage, which the Best Wallets for Women need. It can also hold your passport, something the Best Passport Holder can’t leave out.

Why We Like It – Kate Spade New York

The Kate Spade New York Wallet is the ideal partner to have on you whether you’re hitting up a fancy event or making your way to another country. Its designs are fabulous, along with functionality hard to come by.

  • Funky graphics & designs
  • Zipper closure method
  • Can fit a passport
  • Pricey


There’s no doubt about it: the Kate Spade New York Wallet looks pretty fresh! There’s less of an emphasis on solid colors (although there are a few) and more of a concern with creating stylish graphics, from floral to stripes or multi-colored designs. It’s leagues better looking than the Kavu Wallet.


If you’re worried about the leather exterior cracking or peeling, don’t be! Saffiano leather was used, which has a wax layer. This keeps the leather largely protected from scratches, peeling, and cracking. It ultimately puts an extension on its shelf life, even further if you care for it regularly.


The Kate Spade New York Wallet is certainly going to be your best friend if you were hoping to store a lot of cards, money, and your passport. Card slots are snug, but not frustrating; and there’s a great zipper closure method that keeps your important bills and items from falling out.

Size & Versatility

Where the Vera Bradley Wallet falls behind the Kate Spade New York Wallet, is the Kate Spade’s ability to handle passports. The Vera Bradley Wallet doesn’t have that extra space, giving the Kate Spade more versatility. You also get 12 credit card-sized slots, 2 billfolds, a zipper change pocket, and an exterior slide pocket that’s big enough to hold your passport. If slim and convenient is your end goal, The Travando Wallet with RFID protection. trims down most of the excess material to create a slim, convenient wallet,


If there’s any negative aspect of the Kate Spade New York Wallet we could find, it was the price. It has a somewhat steep price of $95, whereas the Travelambo Wallet goes for $16; however, the Kate Spade New York Wallet is far more versatile, has arguably better styles, and can hold your passport. You’re getting a nice deal here if traveling is on your mind.

Kate Spade New York Wrap Up

When you look past the price and see what the Kate Spade New York Wallet offers in value, it becomes less of an issue. After all, finding a stylish, yet functional wallet such as this, several stars have to align to make it happen. It’s also great that you can even tuck your passport inside for safekeeping.

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