Kapten Talking Pocket GPS From Kapsys


The cringe of crap gadgets overwhelms me sometimes.  The Kapten Talking Pocket GPS is going to be the smallest and most expensive ($475) GPS navigational aides you might never care to notice.  Foregoing an LCD display in favor of a small unit size, the Kapten Talking Pocket GPS leads you to your destination through spoken directions.

You’ll talk into the device saying things like “rub and tug”, or “gloryhole”, and the gadget will will quite literally lead you there.  The Kapten Talking Pocket GPS is bluetooth enabled allowing for cell phone pairing, and also features geo-tagging for later online use.  In addition, it has 3GB’s on internal memory for MP3 storage, map directions, and more.  Mp3’s can also be activated shuffle style via voice and the gadget is only equipped to handle US maps only right now.  Kerplunk.

[via OhGizmo]


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