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Our #4 pick for the best car brakes is the Power Stop Z23 Evolution carbon fiber ceramic brake kit, which includes Z23 Evolution Sport drilled slotted brake rotors in addition to the Power Stop Z23 ceramic brake set. Receiving excellent customer reviews, the Power Stop K2316 front brake kit is made for quick braking, low dust, and efficient cooling of each brake rotor.

Why We Like It – K2316 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic

Stop worrying about performance versus dust versus overheating – the K2316 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic is the perfect solution for all three! This brake kit comes with Z23 Evolution ceramic brake pads and Power Stop drilled/slotted performance rotors. It’s superior to many other brake kits because not only does it provide excellent stop power – it also provides low dust braking and slotted brake rotors to prevent overheating while braking.

  • Carbon Fiber Ceramic Brake Pads Provide Excellent Braking Performance
  • Zinc Plated Brake Rotors
  • Cross Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors
  • Only Includes Front Brakes (Although Rear Brakes Are Also Available)


The Power Stop K2316 Front Brake kit (which also comes with the Z23 Evolution sport brake rotors) is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a sport brake upgrade kit (another choice for excellent braking power is the Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic). This 1-Click Brake set has Evolution ceramic brake pads that quickly bring your vehicle to a quiet (and dust-free) stop and also has drilled slotted brake rotors to prevent overheating. The 1-Click brake kit utilizes high temperature rubberized shims in the ceramic brake pads (low/no noise) for quiet operation.


The Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Upgrade kit features the Z23 Evolution ceramic brake for efficient braking, drilled slotted performance rotors for cooling, and a zinc plating on each brake rotor pad to reduce dust (if you’re looking for a carbon fiber ceramic brake kit, you might also like the K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic). The Power Stop brake pad hardware utilizes a special ceramic formula to eliminate dust, and carbon fiber to increase durability. To help prevent overheating, there are drilled holes and slots in each brake rotor (pad friction won’t be an issue anymore!).


The Z23 Evolution ceramic brake pad kit provides a big brake feeling without the high price tag, costing only $129.99 for both the rotors and the pads (the Wagner QuickStop ZD866 Installation Hardware provides a cheaper alternative for ceramic pads). As usual, this product offers both free delivery and free returns, although there isn’t a warranty offered. Power Stop’s solution for noise and dust-free braking scores a 4.6/5 stars based on 168 reviews, so most customers seem to be satisfied with its performance and longevity.

K2316 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic Wrap Up

For only $129.99 (with free shipping included), the K2316 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic brake kit provides everything you need for a complete upgrade of your vehicle’s braking system. You no longer have to worry about poorly performing brakes, excessive dust, or loud braking, as this kit is made to solve all three problems! This kit does only include the front brakes, but you can buy the rear brakes separately, so that doesn’t present an issue. Overall, if you want to upgrade the brakes on your vehicle, this kit from Power Stop is a great option!

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