JVC UX-LP5 iPod/CD Player Stereo System Review


JVC UX-LP5 iPod/CD Player Stereo System Rev

Finding the perfect iPod speaker system can be a daunting task at best.  With so many choices to choose from and seemingly hundreds of new brands emerging all over the place, it can end up being quite the process.  What most docks have forgotten however, is old media.  While some of us may have totally abandoned CD’s, there are probably more than a handful of us that still use them here and there, depending on the scenario.  I actually still use CD’s when taking a shower using and old CD player boombox I’ve had for over a decade stuffed on a shelf in my bathroom.

The JVC UX-LP5 is one of the only shelftop iPod dock systems I’ve seen that also has a CD embedded within.  This by itself is a huge selling point for this product that shouldn’t be missed for those of you using both MP3’s and CD’s.

The JVC UX-LP5 keeps it easy straight out of the box as all the major features and inputs are right on the face of the system.  The iPod dock flips up and stows away when not in use and the aux input and headphone jacks are accessible and right in front of your eyes.


The whole system looks really attractive as well with a sleek and futuristic twist using some neon blue accents to highlight the clear and black plastic.  Each speaker uses a sharp chrome ring to bring out contrast between the speaker itself and its container

The whole system is really lightweight and moving it about and adjusting the speakers is no problem at all.  One thing you will notice is that this system picks up a ton of smudges and dust.  If you’re like me and have OCD when it comes to clean and shiny gear, you might want to keep a micro-fiber cloth at arms reach at all times.

When speaking of the sound of the system, the JVC UX-LP5 is really loud at 70 watts but ends up being a little dull and muddy.  Even with the two JVC proprietary sound boosters (Sound Turbo and HBS), the sound ends up being a bit too lopsided.  Crank up the bass and it sounds too muddled.  Turn up the treble and it ends up being too shrill.

There never seemed to be a good balance that could be reached no matter how hard I tweaked the settings.  Regardless of the shortcomings in the audio department, this system can really crank and would be absolutely perfect in households that entertain and party.

The remote was very robust and contained a plethora of options including:  Sleep, dimmer, sound settings, and more.  The thing is, is that many of these functions aren’t accessible on the system itself, so you be amiss if you lost the remote.


I did experience some weird issues when testing out the UX-LP5.  Often times the indexing of my iPod got all screwed up and I would be looking at one song but hearing a totally different one.  Other times the UX-LP5 didn’t seem to know how to handle what input in which it was assigned.  Slow to switch over from CD to iPod, it would just start playing music regardless of where in the menu my iPod was.

All in all, the best parts about the UX-LP5 is the volume capacity and the CD player, which is also capable of playing MP3’s and WMA’s.  The sound is nothing special but that’s just a sticking point given what the system can do for your household.  For under $150, this shelf or desktop system has some great things going for it.


  • Looks Killer
  • Ready For Parties
  • CD Player


  • Lackluster Sound
  • Weird iPod Interface Issues
  • Lose The Remote And Lose Features

Buy it here for $142!

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