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Justin Power Case iPad Case Review

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The best iPad case is something we are always looking for. If your name is Justin, then I apologize that Innovative Technology is massacring your name like this. Then again, you probably deserve it. Why didn’t you get a better name? If you’re also on the hunt for the best iPhone case, check out our Orion leather iPad mini smart case review.

The Justin Power Case is an iPad 2/3/4 case that has one purpose: provide a ridiculous amount of power to any smart device you may have while protecting your iPad at the same time. Speaking of your iPad, if you’re looking for a fun game to download, take a look at our iPad Pinball Machine review too. It’s a noble cause; after all, the iPad is a power-hungry beast and almost all of us are carrying around a USB-powered device of some sort. So why not have an always-available supply of extra juice for those Justin Case moment?

See what I did there? Yes, it’s supposed to hurt.

Justin is very powerful. He sports a bulky 11,600 mAh battery, slightly larger than the iPad 3/4’s 11,560 mAh ticker. Which means you should be able to fully charge the newer iPad from zero percent, assuming you keep the iPad off. Or you can charge the new iPhone 5s just over seven times.

If your only concern is having a spare charge, then you’d be hard pressed to find something as convenient as the Justin Case. There are plenty of more expensive standalone battery packs with less capacity that may save on space, but for $70 there’s nothing that can compare. If you want what all iPad cases do aside from basic protection, then keep looking. For your mini version, check out some of the best iPad mini cases available today.

Justin doesn’t have any features. Any. There’s no magnet to put the iPad into and out of sleep mode. The locking mechanism is a cloth strap that must be manually set. Justin has a kickstand that’s fairly weak and unstable, and it doesn’t rest well on the cover flap. And if you slap the flap closed, with enough force you may damage the iPad because the flap carries the battery in it.

Suffice it to say Justin isn’t very user friendly. For the offering, I’d have gladly paid double for higher-quality material, a better kickstand, a magnet, and a Lightning connector built into the case so I wouldn’t have to carry the cable around. That way users could charge the iPad or any current-gen iOS devices.

Charging external devices works just fine, though it would be nice if the battery could pump more juice out. It only outputs 5V, unlike the iPad’s own 12V charger, so if you plan on charging the iPad (or anything else) it’ll be a slow charge. A light indicator shows how much charge Justin has in 25% increments. It’s also sad to note that Justin’s input is just as slow as it’s output, so charging Justin fully from not takes around ten hours.

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It’s hard to recommend the Justin Power Case because I can only see power junkies using it. If you love the way the iPad feels and don’t like using a case but do carry it around a lot in a bag and feel obliged to, then Justin is a great companion. I can’t stand holding the iPad by itself; it’s too bulky for the aluminum finish. Justin does help there, but the additional bulk makes it very difficult to want to hold and use. But at least I feel securely powered.

Bottom Line: Great for people who don’t particularly care about a case for their iPad but do want a battery for it and anything else. Otherwise, it’s big, bulky, excessive, and easy to skip.

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