Jurassic Park LEGO Set Coming Soon?

jurassic park lego set

Now that the Back to the Future set will officially be made, it’s time to guess what’s next. Well, it seems that the Jurassic Park LEGO set might just hit store shelves soon (with a little bit of help, of course). It’s been about 20 years since the first movie was released to much acclaim and now one die-hard fan is trying to get this official LEGO set made. The hyped up fan has created a set that includes the iconic Jurassic Park front Gate, a tour Jeep, three mini figs that include Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Satler and to top it all off a huge T-Rex. Although this isn’t an actual LEGO creation, the 3D renderings do look pretty impressive and feature lots of details. For LEGO to actually consider making this unique set, it has to have 10,000 supporters so if you want to see this made into an official LEGO set, so to support the Cuusoo project, click here.



jurassic park lego set

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