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JRKQDY Hidden Camera Charger Review

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If you’re worried about the new babysitter, and need the best spy camera to give you peace of mind—the JRKQDY Hidden Camera Charger could be what you’re looking for. Its high quality video recordings and genius design can capture intimate moments, without tipping off your suspicious subject. After all, it doesn’t even show up on Wi Fi.

Why We Like It – JRKQDY Hidden Camera Charger Review

Features motion detection, high quality video recording, and an unassuming design—the JRKQDY Hidden Camera Charger is exactly what you’d imagine “spy gear” would look like.

  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • Design masks hidden spy camera
  • Doesn’t need Wi Fi to work
  • Doesn’t have night vision
  • Needs batteries to run, even when plugged in


For such a small device, the JRKQDY Hidden Camera Charger can record videos with very high quality, 1080p HD resolution. You can do this with one of two modes: continuous video recording or only record when its motion sensor picks up minute movements. While its motion sensor is sensitive, the device lacks night vision, so you’ll need enough lighting for it to work as intended. For great night vision, check out the Jayol 1080p mini spy camera review.

JRKQDY’s Charger Spy Camera Motion Detection device also includes loop recording. Should it record all 32GBs of its SD card, it’ll record over the oldest parts first. A spy pen provides better spying. You can record 2.5 hours of video in a spy pen, like the one in our LKcare camera pen review.


If there’s one feature JRKQDY’ got right, it’s the design of their mini spy camera. Identical to other spy cameras such as DivineEagle’s Premium Smartphone Charger with Hidden Spy Camera, it doesn’t look like a hidden camera at all; it looks like a wall charger, making its use undetectable and double as a spy camera charger combo. Included in the design is a memory card slot for micro SD cards up to 32GB.

Where the design falters, and differs from the DivineEagle Charger Camera Mini Spy, is its need for batteries. You need to insert a AAA battery and plug it in to get the JRKQDY Premium Pack Motion Detection USB Charger Spy Hidden Camera working. Still, its design is leagues better than the Sirgawain 1080p Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera, which just looks like a camera.


When you consider the high resolution it records videos in, its overall performance, and ingenious design, the JRKQDY Motion Detection USB Hidden Camera has really good value—just a smidge less so than DivineEagle’s Charger Hidden Camera HD.

Is it the best hidden camera, though? Not quite, but it does have a niche use. It doesn’t work as a surveillance camera. It’s better fitted for catching someone in “the act”—like your own mini spy camera nanny camera or hidden security camera. And since they’re relatively cheap, you can run a few and have a system of security cameras.

If you’re putting together a hidden camera surveillance system, the Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock has live streaming and night vision.

JRKQDY Hidden Camera Charger Review Wrap Up

The JRKQDY Hidden Camera Charger’s design is excellent. And with how crisp the video quality is, under the right light, the device will record some impeccable detail. Sure, it lacks night vision and needs an additional battery, but it isn’t built for catching someone at night; and rechargeable batteries are easy to come by.

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