If you live in a city, you’re probably debating getting an electric bike. But if you live in a city, you probably have nowhere to store it, and probably don’t have the time to maintain it. The Jivr is built so you can store it, and don’t have to fix it. So is it a best electric bike?

Electric Bike-aloo

Electric bikes are actually well-suited for urban living, and the Jivr is built to address the problems. First of all, it folds up to a package roughly half the size, and it weighs just 33 pounds. It only takes four moves to pack it up. And there’s a lot of energy in that tiny package; the Jivr can roll up to twenty miles on one electric bike.

And, of course, you can just pedal it to get around. Nor will you need to keep it up; it’s chainless, so no oiling, no pants binding in the chain, and you can charge it under your own power. Another useful addition is that it’s a smart bike; connect your phone and it’ll show you calories burned, distances traveled, and, of course, a map.

Rolling Out


If you need to get around, it’s often a pain, especially if your city has a terrible public transit option. Fortunately, the Jivr’s a fairly cheap alternative. And it starts at roughly $1200, which is a modest price for what you get. So if you need to get around, it’s a great start.

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