Jetson Folding Bike Review

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Updated March 1, 2023
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High-performing e-bikes can come with hefty price tags, making some believe that it’s the mark of the best electric bike. The Jetson folding bike has a top speed of 15mph, which is still relatively fast and fun, and safe for kids. More importantly: it’s affordable-so if you’re looking for the best folding electric bike that’s great for newcomers, the Jetson Folding Bike is where it’s at.

Why We Like It – Jetson Folding Bike

Well-made, small, and affordable, the Jetson Folding Bike is the ideal electric bike to have if you’re still on the fence about its performance and design. To learn more about a different bike with a wide comfortable seat that could make your riding comfortable, read our Juiced City Scrambler review. And, to keep your ride safe, throw in a top-rated electric bike helmet, too.

  • Top speed of 15.5mph
  • Foldable design; lightweight but sturdy
  • Affordable; ideal for beginners and kids
  • Poor performance in rough terrain
  • Long charging time

Durability & Build Quality

Durability and build quality could be better. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and lightweight (like a beach ebike)—and the Jetson Folding Bike is. However, it only uses rear disc brakes (they work just fine), and there’s next to zero rear suspension. The tires are relatively thick, though, capable of handling a dirt path, but nothing more. Instead, you’re looking for a motocross bike like the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket electric motocross bike if you want something to handle more rough terrain.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The Jetson Bike caps its top speed at 15.5mph. Not as fast as the NAKTO Folding Electric Bike, but still fast enough for adults and safe for kids. You can switch back and forth between cruise control and twist throttle. For adventure, we have discussed the best bike in our Jetson Adventure electric bike review.

Range & Battery

Compared to the PRODUCT, the Jetson Folding Bike doesn’t go that far. However, 15 miles on a single charge isn’t anything to sneeze at. So, if you want to travel 43 miles instead, the Hurbo folding electric bike is another option. Considering its top speed, you can get a good hour of riding out of it before recharging. Charging time is so-so; it spends 5 hours recharging. On the other hand, if you’d like to have a custom battery for your bike, you’ll want to learn to build one by using our guide on how to make an electric bike.

Safety Features

The most useful safety feature the Jetson Folding Bike has is its bright LED headlight. It uses very little power, which leaves most of the battery to power the bike. If it’s what you fancy, it’s bright enough to be used at night. The eAhora X7, however, has features like an anti-theft electric lock, full alloy suspension, and more. For a very safe model, like a trike, you’ll want to read our Schwinn Meridian review.

And, if you want to ensure that your ride is safe, make sure to read our resource on electric bikes and rider weight.


The Jetson Folding Bike holds back on making huge decisions for its bike. It isn’t the fastest e bike, nor is it the most versatile. So, why both with it? For starters, 15.5mph and 15-mile battery life are pretty good. It’s strong, lightweight, and folds, which makes it easy to store. But, more importantly, it is one of the most affordable e-bikes you can pick up right now for only $339. But if the Jetson Folding Bike isn’t enough for you, bump up to the Speedrid Folding Ebike. It’s a step up in e-bike performance and versatility, but it doesn’t quite have the e bike controller settings 36-volt pro 902.

Jetson Folding Bike Wrap Up

The Jetson Folding Bike earns its stripes by being a well-rounded budget electric bike. Break it out on a good day, and you’ll enjoy 15.5mph speed for an entire 15 miles. That’s an hour of fun before needing to charge it for the following day. Rough terrain is a no-go, but nature trails are fine. It’s still a sturdy bike, nonetheless.

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