Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review

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Updated March 2, 2023
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For something with a bit more professional feeling, the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike comes to mind as one of the best electric mountain bikes. Why we say that is due to its 9 levels of pedal assist and 21-speed transmission system, which gives great control over terrain. That’s in addition to a wonderful LCD display that offers metrics only professional riders are concerned with. If you are a bike enthusiast, would you rate the Jetson Adventure electric bike as the best electric bike for the outdoors?

Why We Like It – Jetson Adventure Electric Bike

With 9 levels of pedal assist and a 21-speed transmission system, there’s not a single mountain that’s beyond your reach when you’re atop the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike. Although, if you’re curious about competitors with better prices and quality, have a look at our best Rad power bike roundup.

  • 9 levels of pedal assist
  • 21-speed transmission system
  • 20mph top speed
  • No more than 30 miles distance traveled
  • Rechargeable battery is a pain to remove

Durability & Build Quality

Just like the Hicient electric road bike, the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike is made from aluminum and built to be both sturdy and lightweight, as opposed to heavy and clumsy. Despite its aluminum alloy frame, it can still bench press 300 lbs easily. The seating is particularly comfortable, alongside its slightly flexible seat tube. The handlebars are basic but are textured for better gripping. You could compare it to the compact body and sweet looks of the bike in our Jetson folding bike review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The 250-watt hub motor doesn’t sound like much, but it actually gets the bike up to 20mph, matching the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike in speed. Read our guide to quality hub motor ebikes if you’d like to learn more.

But, if you want to evermore info, you’ll want to compare a hub motor vs mid drive.

The MVP, however, is clearly the 21-speed transmission system. That provides unparalleled control over terrain. If you’re interested in a bike that can reach 45mph, you’ll want to read our HPC Revolution AT review.

Range & Battery

Battery life could use some help. Using pedal assist—you’re pedaling some—means you’ll get 30 miles on a single charge. That said, the Juiced RipCurrent S can go 121 miles on a single charge. Electric mode is about half that. The battery recharges in six hours and is removable, but it can be hard for you (and thieves) to get at.

If this doesn’t feel like it’ll work out for you, you may want to read our GRM iMotor 3.0 review to build your own ebike.

Safety Features

Aside from solid and confident disc brakes, the interactive LCD display is the best safety feature the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike has. It keeps track of various metrics, like current speed to miles traveled. And if you’re in the mood for night riding, it’s fitted with both front and back lights, which the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike lacks. Additionally, this bike is much safer than the Lapierre Esensium 300, as it has literally no safety features. And, for a road-legal kit that will restrict your bike’s power to 750W, read the Jaxpety ebike conversion kit review.


The Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike is an overall great professional mountain bike. Given its speed and overall well-designed build, it serves as a marker for riders who’re ready to move away from basic-functioning mountain bikes to information-heavy machines. We only suggest you replace the battery, if possible. For beginners, start with the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Wrap Up

Despite a so-so battery life, the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike is still a great bike, and one better left in the hands of a professional. It’s they who’ll find the best way to handle the 21-speed transmission system and 20mph. But given that it has 9 levels of pedal assist also opens up for newcomers to the mountain scene. Even though it’s not the best folding electric bike, there are plenty of compact ebike options if you need one.

If this one isn’t your scene, you might like our Muller e bike review.

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