JBL’s Everest 700 Elite New, Affordable Wireless Headphones

Two things immediately stand out about JBL Everest 700 Elite headphones. First, they are wireless. Second, they are surprisingly affordable for a pair of quality Bluetooth headphones: Is the market finally softening up when it comes to these sound-streaming headsets?

We have reason to hope: The JBL headset is for sale at $250 for the holidays and uses Bluetooth 4.1 to stream music through any Bluetooth-capable audio device, including your phone or tablet computer. The headphones also get another big point for including noise cancelling technology and automatic sound calibration features.

With all these core features, you won’t find many extraneous bells and whistles on the Everest 700 Elites, and that’s a point in favor: The mic is built in, so it won’t get in the way of your mouth, but it can still take phone calls if you are linked to your smartphone. The ear cups are simple (and massive) but focus on eliminating outside noise while still being comfortable enough to wear. On-ear controls let you change volume, playback, and more.

JBL Everest headphones
The Everest headphones can also fold up for easier travel.

The battery also deserves a call-out. Not only is the 15-hour battery life (while using sound boosting technology) very respectable in a headset that includes these various features, but it also features quick recharge via an included micro USB cable. This makes the headphones more compatible with today’s smartphones and ultrabooks. An auto off feature makes sure that you save battery power if the headphones are left unused for a long period of time.

A few other notes about these JBLs if they’ve caught your eye. One, Bluetooth is the primary focus here so you may not be able to use them for all your computers, consoles, and devices, only those that support Bluetooth streaming. Two, at 40mm the drivers are a little small for the elite over-ear headphone market, but don’t let that worry you. The frequency response and driver sensitivity are both very good, even for serious music lovers – although you may find the bass a little low if you are used to overcranked, boom-boom headsets. You can get the Everest 700 Elite headphones straight from JBL if you order now.

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