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Designed for young children, the JBL Jr Pop is every bit as fun to use as it looks. The bluetooth speaker is quite small in size, but it is a worthwhile option to consider especially if you’re looking for something that your pre-teens could use to enjoy their music. The portable speaker comes in a bunch of different colors, and is also made of good quality plastic material that is completely harmless to your young ones. If you’re interested in getting your music loving kids something that they’re bound to enjoy, carry on with the rest of this review and get to find out why this could be one of the best bluetooth speakers to go with.

Why We Like It – JBL Jr. Pop Speaker

Let your kids grow their love for music by getting them the JBL Jr Pop speaker. This is an ultra portable bluetooth speaker that is loud enough to get them dancing and lasts a good 5 hours before it needs to get recharged.

  • 5 Hour battery life
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating
  • Ultra portable
  • No built-in mic


The JBL Jr Pop bears a 3W mono speaker that belts out a respectable 70dB of sound at 75% volume. Past this point, things start getting slightly distorted, but not to an extent that any young one may complain. The speaker has a battery life that keeps it going for five hours, after which you’ll have to charge it for 2 hours to get it ready for action again. This doesn’t match up to the 20+ hours that you’ll get with the jbl charge 4, but that’s a good thing if you don’t want to have your kids blasting loud music all through the day. It’s 600mAh battery is powered through USB charging, and even though it comes with its very own USB cable, a third party cord will also work just fine in case the original one gets lost.


Unlike the oontz angle 3 bluetooth speaker, the JBL Jr Pop comes fitted with a built-in strap, which you can also choose to remove in case you feel like not having it hooked on to the speaker. Once you have the music playing, you can choose to have the speaker’s flashing lights light up in rhythm with it, and you’ll be treated to a fun color show that you can also choose to turn off if you don’t like. Aside from the flashing lights, there’s also a nice array of colors that you can choose to get the speaker in: there’s Aqua Teal, Iris Purple, Rose Pink, Spider Red, Cool Blue and Froggy Green, more than enough fun colors for your kid to choose from.


The JBL Jr POP is fully waterproof, with an IPX7 rating that allows for it to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. Past that, it might start giving you problems that may reduce the quality of the sound. Bluetooth pairing is seamless, as the device is capable of remembering the last device it was previously paired with and automatically connects to it. As an added bonus, the speaker comes with stickers that the kids can use to customize it with, so that each speaker is unique to each child’s taste. If you want a more mature option for your kid and don’t mind spending the extra coin, check out the bose soundlink color ii bluetooth speaker.

JBL Jr. Pop Speaker Wrap Up

Being the first of JBL’s products that’s meant for children, there are not as many other releases to compare it with. As a new buyer, all you have to go with is the reviews that other buyers have left, so make sure to read a lot of them so that you have a good idea of what to expect. If you’re unlucky and end up with a faulty product, the team at JBL should be ready and willing to assist you courtesy of the 1 year warranty of the product.

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