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Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera Review

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Searching for the best spy camera that allows you to keep an eye on your family? Perhaps you recently hired a nanny or you’re away from home and want to check for any break-ins. You can’t go wrong with a Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera. Featuring 1080p video recording, live streaming, and night vision—you’ll always know what’s going on.

Why We Like It – Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera Review

The Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera combines high quality video recording, night vision, and Wi-Fi connectivity into a tiny, compact spy camera—absolutely essential for keeping tabs on your home while you’re away. For better surveillance, you can also benefit from loop recording or the notifications sent to the mobile app of the hidden camera in our Fredi mini hidden camera review.

  • Record videos at 1080p HD
  • Can live stream with Wi Fi
  • Upgraded night vision
  • It clearly looks like a camera
  • Night vision quality is lowered to 720p


The Jayol Motion Detection Spy Camera performs just as well in terms of video quality as the other spy cameras on our list: clear, crisp 1080p HD. If you’re hoping to catch someone, you’ll know for sure who it is—especially with how wide the angle is at 140 degrees. In conference rooms or meetings, the best hidden camera is described in our Jrkqdy hidden camera charger review.

Shooting in clear 1080p isn’t all this mini spy camera WiFi Jayol has manufactured: it also comes with night vision. Thanks to 8 IR lamp beads, you can even catch suspicious individuals in complete darkness. However, it does not capture in 1080p, but rather in 720p. That’s still pretty good, considering the DivineEagle Premium Smartphone Charger with Hidden Spy Camera doesn’t even have night vision.


While 720p night vision is easy to look past, the design is not. Spy cameras like DivineEagle’s Hidden Charger Camera don’t look like spy cameras because the camera is incorporated into an unassuming design. The Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera’s design is too obvious, just like the SIRGAWAIN 1080 Camera. If someone were to find this, they’ll immediately become suspicious.

On the bright side, this mini camera is also a motion detection spy cam portable nanny device. It’s small enough that it would be difficult to locate unless someone was actively looking for it. Furthermore, the Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera can handle micro SD cards up to 64GB, more than any other spy camera on our list. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for tracking devices, you might want to check out our list of great GPS trackers to use. 


When you consider everything that goes into the Jayol Spy Hidden Camera Upgraded Night Vision, you’re getting a pretty good deal for $70. Picture quality on the video camera is solid when using night vision, and even better when shooting normally. And its Wi-Fi connectivity means you can watch live feed through its cell phone app. For someone who needs a nanny camera or looking to put together their own system home office security cameras, these are great for the job.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a slightly better product that’s less portable and more personal, consider the Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock. It even shoots in night vision, but 1080p HD quality videos.

Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera Review Wrap Up

Even with its obvious design, the Jayol 1080p Mini Spy Camera has a lot jammed into its package: 1080p video, a high capacity, and 720p night vision. And you can take advantage of all those features when you are away, just by using the smartphone app. It’s perfect for checking in on the kids.

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