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Is your bike boring? Lacking e-bike properties like the Best Electric Bike has? Then install an Ebike Conversion Kit! The Jaxpety Ebike Conversion Kit is one of the quickest ways to achieving e-bike heaven. It isn’t the most powerful, but it gets the job done at a great price. Just find the right battery and get to work!

Why We Like It – Jaxpety Ebike Conversion Kit

The Jaxpety Ebike Conversion Kit is one of the cheapest routes you can take for turning your bike into electric. It can offer speeds up to 26mph and good durability, but needs a battery to seal the deal.

  • Can reach max speeds for 26mph
  • Good durability
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lacks a battery

Durability & Build Quality

It’s about what you’d expect from a mid-range kit, but does come with a few notable points. For starters, it has an aluminum alloy controller, which helps supply a good current. The tire itself is nylon, over an alloy rim and stainless steel spokes. Rare-earth metal magnets were actually used to further produce confident power.


The Jaxpety Electric Bicycle Cycle E Bike Motor Kit can offer slightly faster maximum speeds than the Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit, suitable for tours and commuting. If the terrain is ideal, smooth and effortless, you’ll enjoy speeds up to 26mph, which is great. Of course, it’ll start to dwindle once you hit hills or when the battery doesn’t have enough power.

Range & Battery

Unfortunately, how far you can travel and for how long, is entirely based on the battery you choose. It doesn’t come with one, so picking the right power supply is necessary. If it’s a 48V electrokinetic cell battery, you’re in business. Any decent one will get you up to 30 miles per charge. The Bafang Mid Drive gives you several battery options before checkout.

Safety Features

Totally unexpected, but the Jaxpety Electric Bike Conversion Kit comes with a handful of good features. Near the twist throttle is actually a battery level display and power-cut off button. If you were after pedal assist, this rear wheel kit indeed has one.


How is the Jaxpety Front Wheel Ebike Hub Motor Conversion Kit Hub Motor Wheel so cheap? Well, if you hadn’t noticed, it isn’t exactly packed to the gills with features, nor is it a powerhouse. It fits right alongside other average, mid-range mountain bike conversion kits. Is that bad? No necessarily; in fact, it has just the right amount of features and performance for its low price to be exceptional. Anymore than that and you might as well go with the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit.

Jaxpety Ebike Conversion Kit Wrap Up

The Jaxpety Ebike Conversion Kit is, admittedly, a mid-range performance option—but that’s not a knock against it. Not having a battery, however, definitely is. To be fair, you’re getting a fair number of features, good performance and durability, and a great price. All you need is a battery to get things going.

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