Jawbone’s Affordable Sensor is the Perfect Fitness Gift

When Jawbone recently announced the fitness band Up3, you may have noticed the $180 price tag was a bit steep for Jawbone – and more casual fitness fans. Well, Jawbone seems to agree, because it’s following up that announcement with a second new product, the much more affordable Up Move.

The Move is still based on Jawbone’s new Up software system of tracking sensory data from multiple sources, but it comes in a much more affordable package. $49.99 will net you the Move sensor and access to Smart Coach, the app used to help you create a training regimen that works for your goals and lifestyle.

It would be a technical mistake to call the Move a fitness band in the tradition of the Up3. In truth, what you get is a rubberized sensor module that you can customize in a variety of bright colors. The default model is available in a clip-on unit that you can wear around your wait or clipped onto various sleeves and straps – as long as it has skin contact. However, you can also buy simple, cheap straps for around $15 and wear the Move as a wristband.

The fitness clip offers both sleep tracking and activity tracking, combining them to help you see your fitness level. In other words, it offers the calorie-burning measurement of many other Jawbone devices, but merges it with extra data on how well you are sleeping (you’ll want to wear the Move in its wrist band form for sleep tracking). It will offer suggestions on how to improve your fitness choices via its wireless syncing with your smartphone.

The Move also seems to have a particular focus water resistance. The device and the strap are both resistant to rain, showers and lesser moisture, although you shouldn’t where it swimming.

Essentially, this is a great fitness product that doesn’t offer as many features as Up3 (which includes a heart rate monitor and other features) but packs an especially affordable punch and is far better for budgeting holiday lists or indulging your fitness lifestyle without hitting your wallet too hard.

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