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JAVOedge Austin Axis Galaxy Tab 10.1 Case Review | Gadget Review

JAVOedge Austin Axis Galaxy Tab 10.1 Case Review


As I had said before, I’ve been really looking high and low for a good case for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 – I mean my girlfriend has a sweet one for her Iconia, so why is it so hard to find one for the Galaxy?  The ZAGGfolio which I previously took a long look at might have had a nice BlueTooth keyboard, but it was bulky and felt way too tight on my tab.  Surely there has to be a better option – right?  Enter JAVOedge with their slick little Austin Axis case.  While it may not feature an attached keyboard, it’s nice enough to become my case of choice, and here’s why.

As first glance, the Austin Axis is a very simplistic case – it’s a cloth case (unlike the hard plastic shell of the ZAGGfolio) that comes in either a slate grey or purple, and the Galaxy Tab snaps right in without any problems what so ever.  Unlike with the ZAGGfolio, I never once was scared to take my precious Galaxy out of the case, or put it back in.  The fit was snug enough to make sure it was held fast, but gentle enough to ensure a smooth entrance or exit.  The Austin Axis case is also extremely light, and not bulky in the least.  Unfortunately with being as light as it is, the Austin Axis doesn’t offer a tremendous amount of protection from drops – but it will keep your outside from getting killed by the rigors of daily life.

One of the best features about the Austin Axis, is the joint on the back cover.  This joint allows you to rotate your tab either horizontally or vertically while using the front cover as an adjustable angle rest.  The front cover has three places where the tablet will rest in order to change the angle for optimal viewing.  It’s really nice to be able to spin the tab on the fly like that, as some of the applications only work good in one position or another.  Being able to just spin it eliminates all the hassle of having to move it and the rest all around the place.  Another thing, the ZAGGfolio was locked in the horizontal position if you wanted to be able to use the keyboard – this made it basically impossible to play something like Life is Crime – a game that is only playable vertically.

I also really like how easy it is to charge my tab with the case still on – just fold the front cover backwards and the plug goes right in.  Granted you have to leave the cover off of it while charging (maybe a better solution is a moveable piece that lets you access the plug in port), but because of its slim form factor, it’s not an issue to leave it open.  I tried that with the ZAGGfolio, and had numerous issues because of how bulky it was.  Also, if you have an extra Bluetooth keyboard lying around, it’s no big deal to just rest it on the front flap while in use.  While it may not be optimal, the material that the case is made of really helps keep a keyboard from sliding around.  Lastly, the way the front closes is pretty sweet as well.  Rather than have a traditional “button” clasp, the Austin Axis has a small magnet to hold it together.  Just another nice feature to seal the deal.

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The Bottom Line:  While the Austin Axis doesn’t have a keyboard or added features like some other cases, it’s a solid and affordable option for people that want something to protect their Galaxy Tab 10.1 and not add a lot of extra bulk – and why would you want to bulk up something so nice and slim anyways?


  • Being able to easily and effortlessly rotate your tablet without removing it from the case is a huge plus
  • The material that the Austin Axis is made from looks extremely sophisticated, and would go well with any executive’s attache
  • Coming in at about half the price of other cases for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 makes owning one almost a no brainer


  • Still need to leave the case open to charge your tab – hoping this is addressed in a future revision
  • Not much padding or cushioning means this case can’t take a high fall as well as some others
  • No attached keyboard – I think they could make a killing by putting a super thin keyboard as an optional component

You can get the Austin Axis Galaxy Tab (10.1) case by JAVOedge from Amazon for $42.95

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