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Jastek EK90 Breathalyzer Review

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If you’re having a party, or just going for a few drinks, it’s worth getting an alcohol tester breathalyzer like the Jastek EK90. It’s one of the best breath alcohol testers in the United States and gives readings in six different units of measurement including BAC US and Mg l. This portable breathalyzer alcohol tester comes at a good price and made our best breathalyzer list. Welcome to find out more of our finest car accessories.

Why We Like It – Jastek EK90 Breathalyzer

The Jastek Breathalyzer is perfect for getting high accuracy test results when you test your blood alcohol level. It uses a rechargeable lithium battery that can easily be charged with the MicroUSB cable included. This professional breath alcohol tester displays test results in six different units of measurement and is ideal for professional or home use.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Power-saving features
  • Six different units of measure
  • Not DOT, NHTSA compliant
  • Inconsistent readings reported by some people
  • Requires a small warmup

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The Jastek EK90 professional breathalyzer is known for its excellent performance. This portable alcohol breathalyzer research gives accurate results in less than five seconds. The sensor on this digital breathalyzer also self-calibrates and has a built-in self-checking system. One of the best things about this digital alcohol tester is that it can display up to six different units of measurement and can be used anywhere. It’s one of the best breathalyzers on the market and can compete with the bactrack trace breathalyzer, which uses fuel sensor technology.


When it comes to design, the Jastek EK90 alcohol breathalyzer is practical and compact. This digital alcohol tester is small enough to carry with you and has grooves and texturing around the body to prevent slipping. Unlike most alcohol breath testers it has a lithium-ion battery that can easily be charged with a micro USB cable. It also has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and comes with ten mouthpieces included. If you need something smaller, check out the bactrack c6 keychain breathalyzer.


Without a breathalyzer alcohol test is inaccurate and can lead to unwanted issues. You can avoid potential problems by having a portable breathalyzer like the Jastek EK90. It is small enough to take anywhere with you and delivers quick results in less than five seconds. The Jastek EK90 doesn’t need replacement batteries and you can just keep recharging the built-in lithium-ion battery. This breathalyzer comes at an affordable price on Amazon Prime and offers incredible value for money. The bactrack mobile smartphone breathalyzer is a great alternative if you’d prefer an app.

Jastek EK90 Breathalyzer Wrap Up

If you’re going out for drinks please test yourself with the Jastek EK90. This mobile breathalyzer is small enough to go anywhere and the results come out in less than five seconds. It’s also rechargeable and comes with ten mouthpieces so you can also test your friends. It requires a small warmup before use, but it’s only a few seconds.

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