Jaguar Smart Windshield Gives 360-Degree Visibility

Jaguar wants your windshield to be smarter – a lot smarter: Its latest 360-degree Virtual Urban Windscreen project looks like something more at home on a futuristic spaceship, not your average sedan.

Thanks to internal pillar screens, Jaguar has created the blueprint for a smart windshield that can track objects as they travel around your car, regardless of what you can actually see through the windows. The smart windshield then takes the images that it spots through external cameras and creates transparent pillars, reflecting objects back onto internal screens.

The screens are specifically tuned to show you approaching pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. Essentially, they remove the blind spots from your car completely, letting you see through your pillars – there are even separate screens on your “B pillars” that will show you approaching cars when you look behind you to back up or switch lanes.

Jaguar’s concept video also gives a glimpse of an additional technology called “Follow Me” ghost car navigation, which taps into navigation apps and then creates a transparent car on your windshield that you can follow to your destination without worrying about missing a turn.

Alas, this smart windshield is still deep in development, so it won’t be hitting the latest Jaguar models any time soon. However, smart windshields seem a guarantee at some point: Jaguar is only one of the several automakers experiments with AR windshields. BMW, for example, is also working on a heads-up display. But Jaguar’s vision of a 360-degree windshield certainly stands unique.

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