JAG Table Grill

I think we found a new entry in our best grills list.

If you like the setup at Korean BBQ restaurants, where you grill your own meat, then the JAG Table is what your need in your backyard. Perfect for summer BBQs, the octagonal shaped-table seats 8 guests and features 8 separate grills and eating areas so every one is a grill master. No more having to worry about cooking meat medium for one person and medium rare for the next…let them do all the work!  It even has one main grill in the middle of the table, providing more grilling space for all your meats and veggies. The wood on the table resembles a picnic table, so it’s perfect for backyard summer parties.

JAG Table Grill

There are side doors for easy access to clean the grill and the brackets fold in for easy storage. The wooden surfaces are removable if you prefer to stand around the grill or to even store when you’re not using it in winter. The fire is contained via the Grill Dome, which comes off easily when you add either woods or coals to cook your meal. The table grill is pretty impressive and will definitely be the talk of your next outdoor party, but you’ll have to shell out $2,999 to boast about its uniqueness.

JAG Table Grill

Kristie Bertucci

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  1. Hi and thanks for the interesting review.
    Did you by any chance try the thing out? Or even see it in person?
    This thing looks quite cumbersome to use and I cannot imagine a reasonable cooking experience considering the fixed distances to the coals and no visible (or mentioned) way to regulate the air flow through the coals, this point being almost moot considering the overall construction of the bbq.
    Was this a paid for endorsement (sorry to ask but definitely sounds like one)

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