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Jache 2.1 iPowerSpeaker J6 Review



The Jache (said in my best Sean Connery voice) J6 iPowerSpeaker is a European only dock at the moment and we’ve had the exclusive pleasure of being one of the 1st US sites to review it.  That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to find the J6 to be a competent speaker system from a design and aesthetic standpoint.

Designed to work with most all Apple MP3 players, we did suffer some slight incompatibility when it came to our 3G and 3GS iPhones.  Every time we were offered Airplane Mode but there were sometimes when the phones simply wouldn’t work.   After some futzing about, we were able to get them to work, but we couldn’t figure out why.


Aside from that, I really liked the J6.  It offered a very stripped down but contemporary finish that would compliment most any room and the black wood really helps distinguish the J6 from the herd.  Not one bit tawdry, the J6 could easily join the ranks of other home theater equipment in terms of symmetrical aesthetics.  While most docks out there will try and wow you with their weird shape and bloated appearance, the J6 takes a step back and is the better looking dock for it.  The dock itself folds back up into the unit when not in use, making the J6 that much more flush in its surroundings.


From there, the control scheme is rather simple as well, and I found it really easy to navigate the controls and inputs.  Each input is denoted visually by colored lights that surround the track controls.  When the iPod or iPhone is plugged in you’ll see white LED’s but when you are using the 3.5mm or RCA inputs you’ll see a green or blue LED.  Not essential by any means, but a nice touch nonetheless.  Also of note is that the J6 will charge your iPod/iPhone whether the power is on or off.  Always a nice feature.


The included remote control is small and responsive and my favorite feature is being able to fully navigate through the menus to change songs, artists, and playlists.  The range on the remote was also decent and the buttons were nice and plump to the touch.


From a sound perspective, the J6 sounded best when it was elevated at ear level.  I found that when placed on a counter top it didn’t sound as good, even with the surround sound feature on.  For whatever acoustic difference I was experiencing, be it the nature of my apartment or the dynamics of the speakers, it just sounded a lot better when raised up.  Thanks to the sub woofer encased in the bottom of the unit, the sound reproduction was lush and balanced.  My MP3’s and internet radio such as Last.FM and Pandora all sounded really nice.  The J6 could get pretty loud too.  I’m talking about party loud, without distortion.


The sound overall was pretty standout, rich bass response coupled with shimmering highs and polished mids, I never noticed anything I disliked.  But again, I highly recommend finding a sturdy high rise area for the J6 as it just sounds much better when propped up.

The J6 has a lot going for it.  A streamlined visual approached combined with easy controls and a tight sound could only be dampened by one thing.  Price.  From what I’ve gathered online it’s going to cost just over $200 for the J6.  That’s just too much.  It’s a good unit and all, but I hope they can find a way to bring it to the States at a more reasonable retail price.

In the end, the J6 2.1 iPowerSpeaker by Jache is definitely worth your attention if you are in the market for an attractive and great sounding iPod/iPhone or MP3 playing speaker dock.


  • Contemporary Aesthetic
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound given orientation


  • Price
  • Iffy iPhone compatibility
  • Sound quality depends on room placement

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