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Jaasta E-Ink Keyboard Revolutionizes Typing

Think e-ink is on the way out? Jaasta’s e-ink keyboard is designed to make you think again. This low-profile wireless keyboard is designed to work with a variety of tablets and computers, but comes with a very specific twist: The common key signs and letters are actually e-ink, allowing them to shift.

Jaasta has several exciting ideas about how this e-ink keyboard can be used. Each key has its own e-ink screen, which means it can show a number of different characters based on what you want to do or program. One big possibilities is typing in other languages – no more annoying incompatibility with Asian, Spanish, or even European English keyboards. This keyboard can simply switch between 50 different languages to whichever one you are familiar with or need to use (one can imagine the benefits for Internet cafes around the world).

You also have the power dip in and do a little custom key rearranging yourself. Choose new placements for that awkward delete key – or take the extra step and totally delete a character you never use and replace it with a better option. You can program your own key options as well, such as “.com” or “www.” for faster typing. Jaasta also promises accessories like trackpads and drawing pads that you can attach for more work.

The Jaasta keyboard has a special place in the heart of professional designers and coders who can program keys for complex functions that make their jobs a whole lot easier. However, if you are a casual user you can also program in a bunch of emoticons for chatting, which is pretty fun, and the benefits for foreign users remain obvious.

Currently the Jaasta e-ink keyboard is in the crowdfunding stage and a release date has not been announced yet, but you can sign up to be notified. The wince-worthy part of the deal is the planned price, which is pretty steep at $299.

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  1. Andrew

    Wasn’t this show to be a scam on reddit?

    • Christen Costa

      Do you have the Reddit link?

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