IZIP E3 Review

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Updated September 21, 2022
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Today we continue our search for the best electric beach cruiser bike, and land on the IZIP E3 for consideration. Its 400W mid-drive motor is a solid choice against hills. More importantly, the battery can squeeze 42 miles of countryside to ride, on a single charge. How about that for the best electric bike? The jury is out on that one.

Why We Like It – IZIP E3

Handling beaches and hills, the IZIP E3’s 400W mid-drive motor efficiency divvies out power where necessary. So, don’t be afraid to tackle large mounds of sand; it can handle it. But for modern commuting, go for the Hurbo folding electric bike review.

  • Mid-drive motor puts in the effort on hills
  • Can travel 42 miles on a single charge
  • Multiple frame sizes
  • Not enough features to warranty asking price

Durability & Build Quality

For such a high cost, the IZIP E3 is missing a few must-have features, like IZIP aluminum alloy fenders or racks. That shouldn’t overshadow its great hydraulic disc brakes that do well even in gravel or dirt. Threadless internal cups and VP modus sealed bearings are integrated into the headset. And of course, the IZIP ergo comfort seating is incredibly comfortable.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Just like the ElectroBike Gama Cruise, the IZIP E3 can pick up speeds of 20mph on its 400W rear hub motor, a slight improvement to the 350W Currie Electro drive. That’s good, but the Shimano HG400 offers a nice variety of speed adjustments, 9 specifically. The IZIP E3 Dash is fitted with a Shimano M365. To commute to work on an IZIP bike, read the IZIP E3 brio review.

Range & Battery

On a single battery, you can expect to travel 42 miles on a single charge, 7 miles more than the Surface 604 Colt. It fluctuates based on the modes you’re using. Pedal assist can up the amount, but that increases the use of your legs, while more power from the battery lessens it.

Safety Features

No notable safety features are fitted to the IZIP E3, which is the same as the Micargi Cyclone. However, its design does offer a higher quality of life. Its step-thru design makes it easier for people to mount and dismount, an ideal feature for elderly riders, and keeps you upright. It’s missing rear and front lights, so night riding isn’t an option with buying one.


The IZIP E3 is asking for a lot compared to, say, a PRODUCT. We can’t argue with its performance; every inch of the bike is well-made and efficient. But is it worth $2600? No, and that’s largely due to how few features are added. Performance alone isn’t enough to get someone to enjoy a ride around town on these e bikes. It lacks a rear rack, but the Raleigh Retroglide IE doesn’t. If money is a concern, we’d suggest picking up a Juiced City Scrambler.

IZIP E3 Wrap Up

The IZIP E3 is best described as a niche electric bike. It can be used for commuting, but does little to help. It’s best outside on varied terrain; the 400W mid-drive motor sees to it you climb hills efficiently, all 42 miles on a single charge. And with multiple frame options, you can find the one that fits you.

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