IZIP E3 Peak Plus Review

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Updated January 30, 2023
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The IZIP E3 Peak Plus Electric Bikes are relatively straightforward mountain e bikes, but you cannot directly insert them in the best electric bike debate. In general, the emphasis on quality on these bikes does not go unnoticed, like the plus-sized tires that do wonderfully in sketchy terrain. Or the hydraulic disc brakes with quad-piston calipers. For mountain bikers, it very well may be the best off-road electric bike for beginners.

Why We Like It – IZIP E3 Peak Plus

With enough torque to drive you up steep inclines and fat tires to traverse a variety of terrain, the IZIP E3 Peak Plus is built for cross-country fun and welcomes customization. In case you are specifically looking for a lightweight commute bike, check out our IZIP E3 Brio review.

  • Torque that drives you up steep inclines
  • Hydraulic disc brakes w/ quad-piston calipers
  • Open to customization
  • Standard hardtail suspension isn’t for everyone

Durability & Build Quality

Hardtail suspension is built into the aluminum frame (6061 aluminum alloy, hydroformed), unlike the Ribble Endurance SL-E, which is carbon-based. This compounds the frame’s already lightweight properties, as opposed to full suspension. The most notable piece is the 120mm air suspension fork. Tires are enlarged, plus-size tires with a maximum of 25 PSI, 3 TPI casing, and wire beading.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The Bosch CX mid-drive motor Bosch Performance is a solid drive system that focuses hard on providing high-torque performance, up to 75Nm—that’s what the Bosch CX model is for. It might only be 350W, 400 less than the Quietkat Ranger 750, but it’ll have no problem driving you up steep inclines with ease while the Bosch Purion keeps track of your metrics. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use your own bike and enhance it with power, you’ll want to opt for a conversion kit like the Hilltopper Horizon.

Range & Battery

And get ready to climb all the mountains and off-road planes you want because the lithium-ion battery pack can power 65 miles of travel with pedal assist. The HPC Revolution AT can travel nearly 100 miles.

Safety Features

Unlike the Tektro M735, you have a 2-piston rear system and a 2-piston front system, culminating into a satisfying hydraulic disc brake system with quad-piston calipers. For all the hills you’ll travel, having great brakes is a necessity. The plus-sized tires do well to provide extra support and stability, a natural safety feature. It lacks headlights, rear lights, and a rack, but is open to customization. As someone who is particularly interested in riding safety, you can look at our Jaxpety ebike conversion kit review to learn more about a kit that is restricted to 750W by default.


The IZIP E3 Peak Plus sits on the more expensive end of the spectrum. So, who is it for? It’s very comfortable in off-road settings, especially when climbing hills and whatnot. Slap a rack in the back, and you can turn it into a commuter’s vehicle. Or, if cost is an issue, the Juiced City Scrambler is better in nearly every aspect for just $1599.

IZIP E3 Peak Plus Wrap Up

The IZIP E3 Peak Plus is yet another prince of climbing hills and tackling mountain paths, and so on, but not quite the king. Its hardtail suspension isn’t for everyone either, though better for beginners. But it’s open to customization, has great hydraulic brakes with calipers, and the high-powered torqued performance is excellent for climbing inclines.