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If you’re an elderly individual looking for a combination of the best electric bike for seniors and the finest mid-drive electric bike, the IZIP E3 Brio can satisfy both for a modest price. Its step-thru frame makes it easy to mount and dismount, a trait that makes an e-bike the best electric bike. It also keeps you in an upright riding position and can go 20mph for a distance of 50 miles.

That being said, are electric bikes worth it, such as all the trouble for gasless transportation? That is the question…

Why We Like It – IZIP E3 Brio

The IZIP E3 Brio takes advantage of the SR Suntour Performance hub motor to provide a naturally smooth ride, adjusting torque and cadence through intelligent speed sensors. For urban life, one of the best commute bikes from IZIP is in our IZIP E3 review.

  • SR Suntour E25 Performance rear hub motor
  • 50 miles on a single charge
  • 20mph max speed
  • Plastic pieces used
  • Somewhat long recharge time

Durability & Build Quality

The IZIP E3 Brio frame size is 16-inx18-inx20-in—not too large, not too small. It’s made of 7005 aluminum alloy, which is more resistant but not as strong as the 6061 aluminum alloy on the VoltBike Elegant. The IZIP aluminum alloy rear rack and front-rear alloy bells are made of the same material. IZIP Ergo Comfort grips are made of rubber, but shaped to be comfortable and ergonomic. Unfortunately, adjustable pieces like the fenders, chain guard, and pedals are plastic. It has a rather rigid seat, but can be changed. A great option for trail riding and cruising through inclement weather, read our IZIP E3 peak plus review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The SR Suntour Performance motor and 7-speed Shimano Tourney steal the show. With pedal assist, you can reach 20mph. It also measures rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque to keep your ride smooth. The MotoTec electric trike has a tad more power in its motor.

Range & Battery

The 36V 11.6ah lithium-ion battery can push these IZIP electric bikes for 50 miles. That makes it an excellent ebike commuting option. Do note, however: the LED display SR Suntour is connected to the battery. Recharge time sits nearly 6 hours, which is somewhat long. If this is too long, read our GenZe ebike review for a model that recharges in half that time.

Safety Features

Safety features are fairly basic. You get an adequate LED headlight for some nighttime riding and rear light. The Tektro 180mm mechanical disc brakes are really nice, comparable to Shimano in many cases. They require little maintenance and rarely need adjustments, but do so to your liking.


The IZIP E3 Brio clearly makes a few cheap cuts to keep costs low, and we admire that effort. The few plastic bits that are there can quickly be replaced with better parts; the frame isn’t against that. That effort does bring it down to $1699, which we believe is fair given its performance. The ElectroBike Gama Cruise is $200 cheaper.

IZIP E3 Brio Wrap Up

The IZIP E3 Brio is a solid bike for commuters, seniors, and for those who want some oomph in their bike—a taste of speed. It can even go the distance for up to 50 miles, going 20mph. Its rear hub motor keeps everything in check for an enjoyable ride. We can forgive a few plastic coverings and iffy recharge time to cut costs.