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Iunio Camping Axe Review

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Think of all the survival gear you need for a simple camping trip: compass, flint rod for fires, and certainly a knife, among other gear. Naturally, that stuff takes up valuable space. Why carry all of it separately when you could have the Iunio Camping Axe that does it all. It could be the best axe to have in survival situations. When you need more tools for home repairs, you’ll want to read our best tools review list.

Why We Like It – Iunio Camping Axe

Why have just an axe when you could have the swiss army knife of axes! Hidden inside this axe is a sharp blade and compass, among other goodies.

  • The swiss army knife of axes
  • Can be disassembled
  • Good teaching tool
  • Features are too diversified
  • Isn’t the greatest at chopping wood


Compared to other camping axes, the Iunio Camping Axe wasn’t that impressive. For starters, it isn’t terribly sharp. When it came to chopping your average log, its head simply isn’t broad enough. In fact, the hammer located on the backend of the axe head can get in the way. Thankfully, it does just fine chopping down thin trees and branches. For real power, you’ll want to handle a Fiskars Super Splitting Axe or a Husqvarna 26 Wooden Multi-purpose Axe if Swedish steel suits your needs.

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The Iunio Camping Axe is more than meets the eye. That kindle rod we mentioned? It’s built into the stainless steel axe itself, with an emergency rod on the other end. There’s also a hammer and compass tucked into the design, too. How? The handle of the axe is hollow. By unscrewing each section, you reveal the built-in survival tools. The axe head screws onto two pieces for the main body, then the flint rod hides, then the safety hammer and finally the compass at the end of the need. The survival hatchet can then be hooked to its nylon sheath.


With everything that comes packed into this survival axe, it must be expensive, right? This multi tool is only $30. And it really shows. All the extra tools the axe comes with is, quite frankly, cheaply made, aside from the axe. Who needs a safety hammer to break windows in the wild? It’s too diversified in its features. You’re better off simplifying your gear with a Coleman Camp Axe.

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So, who is this for? The most experienced and serious survivalist is going to pass; it simply doesn’t have the performance needed. But if you’re teaching someone else survival skills, this axe is perfect: it’s cheap and also opens up the opportunity to show someone how to use a kindle rod and compass.

Iunio Camping Axe Wrap Up

The Iunio Camping Axe wants to do a billion things at once when it should’ve focused on making a great axe first. Any one of the axes on our list outplays it in terms of chopping. But here’s what it can be: a learning tool. The built-in compass, knife, and kindle rod are common survival tools that everyone should know how to use.

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