It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a show about a group of friends running a business in Philly. Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank are the gang. The gang gets into a lot of trouble because of the schemes they plot for their own benefits. They also run an unpopular, hole in the wall bar. This is a cult classic sitcom that has rightfully earned their spot on our Best Shows On Hulu along with other funny shows like Bob’s Burgers. Have a look at our post on the best streaming services.

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Why We Like It – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a sitcom about a group of friends that own a bar in Philly. This series is like Seinfeld because the gang tends to get stuck in many sticky situations. The gang deals with things like trying to sneak into a football game, and most recently even went through a quarantine.

  • Hilarious Dialogue
  • Mischievous Fun
  • Brutally Mean Jokes

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Charlie Day stars as Charlie Kelly, the janitor of the pub. Rob McElhenney stars as Mac the bodyguard. Glenn Howerton is Dennis Reynolds the bartender. Kaitlin Olson is Dee Reynolds, Dennis’ sister, and bartender as well. Danny Devito stars as Frank Reynolds, their father and manager. While this show is extremely funny, 14 seasons is a great amount to catch up on, so if you’re looking for a shorter series, I would recommend The Act.


The show usually takes place in Paddy’s Pub, a hole in the wall type of bar in Philly where the gang spends their days. Their tendencies lean towards getting drunk, and taking drugs all while they run the bar. They all have very little patience with one another, which leads to a lot of fighting amongst each other. They also all have a tendency to handle situations poorly, which brings us laughs as they lose their minds. To balance out this sitcom series, The Handmaid’s Tale is a frightening story about a totalitarian state.


This sitcom is entertaining enough to make 14 seasons fly by. Throughout the series, the gang goes through some character development that ties us closer to them. It is interesting to see them operate the bar as scatterbrained as they all are. They go through many silly situations such as running into a dead guy, going Jihad, and running for office. Every situation tends to become worse as the gang often chooses to act egotistically. If you would prefer to watch something with more of a serious plot, I would consider Atlanta.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review Wrap Up

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a show about some dysfunctional friends running a bar. As the gang runs into situations, their reactions make the show more enjoyable because they often choose to be selfish and cruel to others, which makes their situation worse. After a couple seasons, I am sure many will love to watch the gang because of these situations.

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