iTar: iPad Guitar (video)

Since their inception, the iPad and iPhone have been transformed, thanks to an array of apps, into a variety of instruments.  But despite the touchscreen of these device’s boasting an unparalleled sensitivity not found in other handsets and tablets, they still lack the visceral experience many a musician have come to desire.  That is until now.  Say hello to the iTar.

The iTar transforms the iPad into a guitar using Starr Labs patented button-based guitar fretboard.  The iPad’s touchscreen can serve not just as a point of contact to strum the guitar’s string, but can be converted to a keytar (piano guitar) or a drum set thanks to their durable, time test fret board – the possibilities are almost limitless.  But to Starr Lab’s point, the are other applications to their iTar.  They’re thinking guitar education, music-mixing software, jamming over the Internet, interactive gaming and even a soundboard/lighting controller.   Assuming the project is funded they’ll also create an iTar music app for strumming and using the whammy bar, as well as customizing the finger board to your liking.

So here’s the deal.  Starr Labs is a small shop and their goal is to mass produce the iTar so they can place it in musicians hands at a reasonable price.While you can pledge any amount, you’ll need to toss $200 into the pot to get your very own iTar.

Starr Labs?  These guys have been in the game for sometime now, building custom instruments for Vernon Reid (of the endlessly awesome Living Color), the Chemical Brothers, Pendulum, Linkin Park, Lou Reed, and many TV/film studios.  In other words, they’re the real deal.

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