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Lately, there’s been a tiny speaker trend that gives you big sound in a compact form factor. At the forefront of this movement, iSmart Skyer Wireless Speaker. It is being touted as the world’s smallest wireless handsfree speaker.

This Tiny Speaker Will Go With You Anywhere

The device weighs just 33 Grams and it’s the size of 2 fingers. This wireless handsfree speaker also has a strong 28 mm driver, while housed in an aluminum lightweight material. It’s extremely light and portable, so you can use it anywhere you like.  This is definitely a more on the go option than some of the best desktop speakers.

It comes in five premium color options like aluminum silver, matte black, glossy gold, champagne pink and bright blue. This speaker may be tiny, but you won’t have to worry about losing it since it has a keychain loop at the end. You can always have it with you.

Another great feature is that iSmart allows you to tag the speaker to your smartphones and tablets. This allows you to use the speaker anytime your phone needs to. The lightweight and size makes it convenient to keep the speaker and your phone together in a bag or your pocket.

iSmart Skyer Is The World's Smallest Speaker
This tiny speaker has a lot of features.

Simple One-Button Operation

Use iSmart for conference calls and meetings, and listen to your music on the go. The device is super easy to use too. There’s just 1 button. That’s it. There’s no complication here. That 1 button powers up the device and switches it off when not in use. iSmart recharges vis micro USB so you can charge it wherever you are. At home, the office, anywhere that has a USB port. It’s one of the coolest speakers we’ve seen in some time.

That button can even act as a camera selfie button. Other features include a 200 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.2 and it is compatible with Android, iOS and all other smart device, desktops, and laptops.

iSmart is a versatile and tiny speaker that delivers many features in a very simple package. Taking your speaker with you has never been easier.

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