Is this the Motorola X Phone, Google’s Next Big Handset

Schmidt with Moto X-1

Keeping a product top secret is no easy feat.  Just ask Apple, or any other semi-popular tech company.  Leaks are notorious within many of these organizations simply because of their very size, which generally is massive.  Layer in the marketing and production agencies involved and it’s actually surprising more leaks don’t run rampant.  But that said, a leak can sometimes help a product, as it generates chatter and anticipation.  And nobody seems to know this better than Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Schmidt was recently captured at the annual Allen and Co media conference holding a yet to be released Motorola device.  He declined to comment, but speculation on Twitter and across the Net points to the next big Android phone (the Moto X) to come out of Google since the company’s acquisition of the handset manufacturer.  Engadget notes that it’s clad in what appears to be a carbon-fiber like facade, which doesn’t match recently leaked pics of the Droid Ultra or Droid Maxx.

That all being said, the size of the phone indicates, based on general hand size, that its screen probably doesn’t’ measure any larger than 5-inches.  And if you didn’t notice both the camera and the headphone jack are centered on the device, which really doesn’t mean much, but I felt it worth noting.

Schmidt with Moto X-2

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