Is It Worth Buying the Latest Printer Models in 2023?

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Updated November 22, 2022

Brand new high-performing printers are constantly released, with feature sets and advantages over previous models. For a quick look at a great model, read our Brother MFC-J805 review.


  • Hundreds of new printer models are released by major manufacturers every year.
  • Buying the latest printer model includes an increased feature set, manufacturer warranty access, and increased user efficiency.
  • The disadvantages of buying the latest printer model include increased cost and paying for features you do not necessarily need.

Should You Buy the Latest Printer Models?

This depends entirely on what you plan on using the printer for and how regularly you plan on using it. For instance, if your printer has ADF, you’ll want to avoid paper jams and maintain upkeep on it. Moreover, the number of amps a printer uses can significantly increase its overall cost.

Alternatively, bottle-based printers tend to save a lot on ink costs. You can learn more about one with our Epson EcoTank ET-2750 review.

You should also remember to perform regular printer maintenance tasks to increase your printer’s overall efficiency and lifespan. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of keeping up with the latest and greatest printer releases.


Here are some of the pros of choosing to buy a brand-new printer.

Increased Functionality

Modern printers tend to boast increased functionality and improved feature sets. These features will vary from printer to printer, but you can typically count on the ability to create color reproductions and the ability to connect wirelessly for digital printing. Some modern printers boast multi-functional designs, which allow them to scan documents, fax, documents, and copy documents. If you are looking for a printer with bells and whistles, you should consider a recently released model.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a heat transfer printer, then you might be interested in the OKI Data 62439301 C711wt.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Buying a brand new printer directly from a retailer or the manufacturer will automatically opt you into the manufacturer’s warranty. Printers tend to feature hearty designs, and these manufacturers’ warranties can last as long as 24 to 36 months, or even longer in some cases. If you want to make sure your printer will be covered in the long term, then buying a just-released model could be a great idea. In that case, have a look at our Brother MFC-L3770CDW laser review.

For a look at a great printer, check out our Brother HL-5100DN review.

Insider Tip

Printers tend to feature hearty designs, and these manufacturers’ warranties can last as long as 24 to 36 months, or even longer in some cases.

Increased Efficiency

If you buy a brand-new printer that has been recently manufactured, you can count on improved efficiency. Printers wear down over time, depending on usage, but a new printer will have been recently inspected and should allow you to achieve superior results. So, if you’re ready to start shopping for a great printer with a touchscreen and wireless capabilities, you’ll need to read our Canon Wireless TS8120 printer review.


There are a couple of cons when it comes to buying a recently manufactured and brand-new printer.


Newly released printers tend to be more expensive than older models, which is something to consider. If you are just going to be performing simple print jobs every once in a while, you may be better served by buying a previously used printer. But, there are budget printers to choose from, as you’ll find in our Canon PIXMA TR7520 review.


Newly released printers tend to be more expensive than older models, which is something to consider.

Unused Features

It is true that modern printers tend to be feature-packed. However, you may not need all of these features, so you’d be spending money on functionalities you won’t use. Take a look at your must-have list of features and shop accordingly. As you consider whether to purchase a new printer or not, you can trick the ink cartridge into printing even when it shows the “no ink “ error by ignoring any “low ink” warnings for a little bit and also using a tape trick, which disables the sensor that comes with the ink cartridge.


Do you need to buy name-brand printer cartridges?

Buying generic printer cartridges can help you save money, especially when it comes to ink cartridges. Before buying a generic cartridge, do some research on the manufacturer to make sure they make quality cartridges.

Can you print on canvas with an inkjet printer?

It is possible, but only certain inkjet printers will support this feature. You should read the fine print of your printer’s instruction manual.

Why is ink more expensive than the printer itself?

Printer manufacturers tend to sell their printers at a loss, so as to make up for this loss by selling highly-priced ink cartridges. You can save money on cartridges by going with generic cartridges.

STAT: Aftermarket versions of ink and toner cartridges tend to be much cheaper than their name-brand equivalents–sometimes as much as 75% cheaper. (source)

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