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Irwin Tools Clamp Vise 226303 Review

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The IRWIN Woodworking vise is perfect for those who need a vise they can move without concern you can’t bolt this unit down, you can use its clamp-design to attach it to any table surface up to 2in thick. While other vises bolt onto tables with up to four bolts, this solution uses a single metal clamp. As such, we would avoid this offering for any heavy-duty projects, but rather recommend it as a tool for any handyperson’s work bag, along with your other best tools. If you’re in the need of a more stable shop clamp we recommend checking our Best Bench Vice guide. And, when you’re ready for more handyman tools, read our top-rated tools review.

Why We Like It – Irwin tools clamp vise 226303

IRWIN offers an easy-to-install clamp-on vise that can be conveniently moved between work areas with ease, while also providing integrated pipe clamps and an anvil horn. Although, if you need to transport materials to use with your vise, you’ll want to check out our best hand truck list.

  • Portable
  • Clamps on tables up to 2” thick
  • Includes integrated pipe grips
  • Jaws too small for some projects
  • Lack of stability due to mount


Reviews indicate this is a favourite for weapons smiths to model ship builders showing a high regard for the clamp among both people doing professional work and hobbyists. With only enough force to hold lighter projects it’s ill advised to try to use this vice for heavy work but when it comes to light work you’ll find it competing with even the Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening.

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Being small doesn’t mean it isn’t feature-packed, as the vise also features integrated pipe grips and a little anvil shaping horn. Its integrated pipe jaws keep the workpiece steady as you work. The anvil might be a bit small for most jobs, as well as the 3 jaw, but verified customers found it suitable for light duty like woodworking. It is important to note that the clamp-design of this IRWIN Tools 3” Bench Vice does indeed make it portable, but it also makes it slightly less stable on surfaces then a mounted piece like the Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination. With a throat depth of roughly 1.8in and jaw width of 2in it has a wide jaw capacity as long as it can fit into the 2 inch clamp.

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It’s cheaper than the Heavy Duty Forged 360 Swivel Locking Desktop and also lighter but when it comes to the work it can’t quite compare to the the ones bolted to the work table nore can it put down the same amount of force, so it’s recommended that you consider the amount of force you’ll need before buying. IRWIN also has a Satisfaction Guarantee warranty and says to “contact us if your unsatisfied.”

Irwin tools clamp vise 226303 Wrap Up

It would be exaggeration if I were to tell you the Irwin Tools Clamp Vise 226303 was the ultimate preface vice but the same is true for any vice, when it comes to light whiet portable vices the reviews and by extension the customers will argue it’s safely among the best vices available.