Iron Man iPhone 5 Case Features an Arc Reactor, Lights Up on Incoming Calls

IronMan Case-1

It’s almost summertime, and that means super hero movies are about to explode onto the silver screen.  Why the summer time?  Hot weather and lack of air conditioning drives people into theaters where they can enjoy a reprieve from the blistering heat.  Not really an issue where I live, but those residing anywhere on the east cost can empathize with this issue, as they experience hot days with a heavy dose of humidity.

And while this Iron Man iPhone 5 case most certainly won’t make you physically cooler, it will definitely add some caché (as well as bulk) to your ensemble.  The linked page is translated from Japanese to English, so you can forget about getting the straight details.  Nevertheless, I do know that it’s designed specifically for the iPhone 5, and like Iron Man’s suit’s Arc Reactor, this case includes its very own version that lights up when you get a call and an email.  Adding more allure, and some movie like detail, is a shoulder piece that slides apart and reveals the iPhone 5’s camera and flash.

You can buy the Iron Man iPhone 5 case for about $40.

IronMan Case-2 IronMan Case-3

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