Iron Man 3 LEGO Sets Now Available For Brick Nerds Around the World

How many of the best Lego sets do you own? LEGOs have largely remained the same over the toy’s history.  But since they began leveraging popular movie characters, it feels like they’ve become more interactive, as well as complicated.  That, or I’m just getting old.

Case in point is the Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack set.  The Iron Man 3 movie isn’t out for a few months, but you can already buy this set – along with two others – for $40.  The attention to detail is pretty uncanny, so much so that it includes an exploding window function – great, now I want one.

Other features: rotating computer console and holographic screens, tools, armory with exploding floor function, and kitchen area with cupboards, blender with mandarins and assorted kitchen tools.  Moreover, the attack helicopter has been outfitted with spinning rotors, 4 flick missiles, side-mounted cannons and a cockpit with space for a minifigure.  A total of 5 mini figs are also packed in: the Mandarin, Pepper Pots, Tony Stark, Starks Mark 42 Armor, and an Extremis Soldier.

Check out the other sets here and here.

Also why not check out:

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