These may not be the best headphones for running, but they will help you hear. Hearing aids? That’s so last century. These days it’s all about hearing buds and IQbuds makes a great pair called Boost with EarID. IQbuds BOOST is the hailed as the ultimate hearing bud. They look more like your standard audio earbuds, so no one will know they are actually helping you hear better. It certainly looks a lot better than the old clunky hearing aids from years ago. Don’t believe us? Compare the IQbuds with our YURBUDS sport earphones review and see how they size up.

IQbuds Improve Hearing and Your Life

Boost has all of the great features that the original IQbuds had, with the addition of EarID, which is an audiometric hearing assessment that calibrates these buds to your own unique hearing profile. You definitely won’t find EarID in the headphones discussed in our V-Moda Vibrato remote noise-isolating headphones review.  IQbuds knows that we all have different ears and therefore different needs. Everyone is unique when it comes to interacting with the world through sound.

EarID uses the app to measure your hearing thresholds and evaluates how you hear things, then tunes them for your personal experience. Our hearing is something that many of us take for granted, but just ask anyone who has lost it and they will tell you just how precious it is. The old saying is true, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

IQbuds will allow you to enhance conversations with your friends and family so you don’t have to raise your voice or have them raise theirs. It will also let you listen to TV with more clarity at lower volumes, so you don’t disturb others. Your family will appreciate that.

IQbuds Boost with EarID
IQbuds will improve your life.

A 21st Century Hearing Device

This device will improve your life in many ways. You can even adjust your hearing for different locations and situations. Plus you can listen to digital audio and still hear the world around you, which allows you to multitask like a pro.

Some other features include Low Latency Streaming for TV, Speech Amplification, Dynamic Noise Control, Long Battery Life, and Fast Charging. You’ll get 20 hours of Bluetooth Streaming and 32 hours of Hearing Processing. IQbuds are compatible with both iOS & Android.

Get the hearing boost that you need, in a stylish package. It just makes life better.

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  1. Hello Conner Flynn, I need to know of battery hrs and are they rechargeable. Also I am deaf in right side the other is on decline so I am in sure if this product will help. With being total blind mute my education his on hold with picking up sound with the one I have now. What price will it cost me.

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