iPod Cover by Claudio Gomboli: iPhone Cover Concept


Remember when the first iPod was released, and you just HAD to have one? We all had iPods, but of course that was before our smartphones became MP3 players and were loaded with music apps like Spotify, Tunein Radio and Google Music. If you loved the look and functionality of the iPod Classic, then check out the iPod Cover by Claudio Gomboli, a smart accessory/iPhone cover that turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic by adding the look of the iPod as well as one of the classic scroll wheels.

The iPod Cover does more than just make your iPhone look like an iPod. In fact, it allows you to browse notifications using the touch screen or the iPod wheel (which, let’s be honest, we all miss). The cover is made out of premium leather and is just 3mm thick. The iPod Cover comes in 7 colors, including white, black, pink, purple, lime green, cyan and red. Unfortunately, this is just a concept and isn’t actually a real product…yet. But if we had to guess, some company will take interest in Gomboli’s cool creation. In reality, if this were to actually go into production, it would probably become one of the best selling iPhone cases. Because, well, retro is always in, bro.

Bobby Bernstein

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