The best iPhone battery cases protect and juice your phone. Phone cases are great for protecting your expensive smartphone investment from falls and dings, but they are even better when they help keep your phone juiced up. That’s the kind of dependable case we like. Compare this with the Mujio Leather Wallet iPhone 6 case review to determine which is best for your phone.

Keep Your Phone Safe and Charged

Your smartphone is with you constantly so any case that keeps it charged up just makes sense. So if you want both protection and power, this EasyAcc-CC5 Wireless Battery Case for the iPhone X is a good choice.

This case is specially designed for iPhone X and matches the phone perfectly to keep things as compact and good looking as possible. It features wireless charging technology, a 5000mAh capacity, and rugged design to keep your phone safe. You get the extended battery life and full protection. The best of both worlds right in your pocket. If you want a phone case that’s also a multitool, take a look at the task one phone case instead.

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You can charge it both wirelessly or wired, this case keeps your lightning port free. Charge the battery case and phone Simultaneously. This case will extend your talk time to over 13 hours and can recharge your phone and battery case wherever wireless charging systems are available. That makes things very convenient.

The EasyAcc-CC5 Wireless Battery Case for the iPhone X is easy to use. All you have to do is insert your iPhone X / iPhone 10 into the battery case, then press the power button on the back of the battery case for 3 seconds until the phone shows that it is charging. Then when you press the power button for 2 seconds, the case will stop charging.

iPhone X Wireless Battery Case Offers Protection And Charge
Stay juiced up while on the go.

Your iPhone is Covered

Rest easy knowing that your phone is powered and safe. This iPhone case has high-impact protection built in. The soft TPU frame gives it full edge protection, while the raised bumpers add extra cushion to the edges and corners.

And aside from the other great features, this phone case looks good, which is a big plus.

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