iPhone Killer: LG Voyager (Verizon)

LG Voyager
Verizon announced its iPhone killer yesterday..sort of. The LG Voyager, which will launch later or next month, features a touch screen display and slide out tactile QWERTY keyboard. The LG Voyager will take advantage of Verizon’s High Speed EVDO network – no word on WiFi – which is probably its most significant advantage over the iPhone. Other notables over the iPhone is the removable battery and included turn-by-turn GPS. No word on actual release date or price. Wondering what to look for in the Best Verizon Wireless Smartphone?

Update: Release info, details and arrival date here.

Update 2: LG Voyager review here.

Verizon Hopes Voyager is iPhone Killer [Freep]

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  1. it nice but i dont like the part where u got to flip it i think it would b better if u and slide it like the wing but hell yea verizon is the best!!!!!!ima get this phone really soon

  2. Bought it. Used it for a few hours and returned it. The phone feels cheap and is difficult to use. Hard to explain how pain-in-the-ass it is as a regular phone but its risk free if you already have verizon so go ahead.

    Things that are frustrating:
    No keyboard input from touch screen, except from the notepad app. And, oddly, its not a keyboard but a numberpad with the “abc”, “def”, buttons.
    No orientation.
    Could not browse my pictures unless I flipped it open and went to “display settings” and then “wallpaper”. WTF?
    Retarted sound when you press a button on the touchpad… you can either turn audio off or select a goofy “tune” (not a click). The tunes are very short but amazinly annoying.
    To answer a call you first had to unlock it.

    I can go on… I think the touch screen is largely pointless unlike the iphone… and perhaps a significant software update will improve it from a general usability viewpoint.


  3. Oh yeah, I forgot, Verizon didn’t take the iPhone because Apple wanted to use iTunes for music and video and Verizon wanted to use it’s Vcast for videos and music so Apple said “see ya”. It’s not for the other reason’s you idiots think like “it didn’t live up to Verizon’s standards”. Did you make that up or something? Secondly, the iPhone HAS a Qwerty keyboard and has “smarttext” which, even if you have fat fingers, knows what you are trying to say and puts it in the texts. It’s actually quite a remarkable thing. Use it first before you bash it and do some research.

  4. I agree with Jo. I just switched from Verizon to ATT for the iPhone and it is so much better than any phone I have ever had. Verizon phones have always been the worst and at the lowest grade of technological advancement. This is just another copycat that wont live up.

    Verizon was so upset that I had gotten the iPhone and was leaving that they offered me 3 months free service and a free new top of the line Blackberry. That there tells me that they are losing a lot of people to the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Verizon and they have great service and customer support but their phones always sucked. So far I have had great reception with the iPhone and battery. I listen to music, watch youtube, do email, browse the web, and can use it all day with out recharge. My last smartphone, the Q, did not do that. I guess we’ll see what this Voyager is all about and if it can out do the iPhone which I doubt. Plus, you’re stuck with that stupid Vcast BS. Peace.

  5. Its amazing how all these phones think that their phones are so revolutionary, while the iphone is so technologically advanced that it blows all these other phones out of the water

    good try

    i say all phone companies just give up

    i cant even imagine what the 2nd gen iphone will do

  6. The Voyager (LG VX 1000) looks like a nice addition to the VZW lineup. So long as they don’t cripple it’s internal GPS, it should have a welcome reception.

    That said, let’s get down to business. VZW has to be the most ultra-conservative cell phone network provider in the country! They have a tendency to stifle innovative products on the cutting edge of technology, stick to old, outdated hardware for much too long, and don’t leverage their top-end CDMA network for Location Based Service applications, except for VZ Navigator.

    So, aside from “the network,” what is the draw? Well, location location location. CDMA has a push into rural markets that GSM sometimes doesn’t have, although that’s narrowing faster every day, and *will* catch up with VZW if they’re not careful.

    I use a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, and the lack of GPS availability due to the crippling of that native ability by VZW has left me cold. I’ve just filed my second Better Business Bureau complaint regarding the GPS issue. We’ll see how it goes.

  7. jeez i just ended my contract with verizon and i was going to switch to t mobil or some thing but this phone is forcing me back to verizon

  8. Is it gonna be $350 after the mail in rebate, without a contract? because i know on their website it has the phone for $300 with a 2-yr contract. I just want to know how much its gonna be if i already have verizon and want to keep my number.

  9. People are confused, The voyager is not a smart phone, blackberry or pda. It shouldnt have wifi. It is just a normal verizon phone except with a touch screen. Verizon is awsome anf fast and this phone is awsome. go to phonearena.com. there are some other awsome phones coming out such as the samsung flipshot.

  10. There is no other service out there that can compete with Verizon. I’ve been with sprint and cingular(at&t) they both do not compare the the reception I get with verizon. I’ve been wanting to get an Envy for awhile, but knowing the Voyager is coming out who cares. As for the Iphone..now really their marketing scheme is brilliant, but that’s the only reason why people are getting that phone. The Voyager, even without marketing, will be the #1 phone this 4th quarter…for sure.

  11. I have several co-workers who left Verizon for AT&T to get the iPhone only to switch back because of the sever disappointment in the service and the phone itself. No picture messaging, difficult to text, poor battery life and very spotty coverage. I just got the Samsung i760 and I will be taking it back for the Voyager. The one thing that I do hope for is that the Voyager is FULLY INTERNET CAPABLE, like the iPhone. When put up against my BRAND NEW, TOP OF THE LINE SAMSUNG, the iPhones internet capabilities make my phone look like Get Smarts shoe phone. Thats probably the only thing that iPhone has on Verizon.

  12. i think the voyager is going to be just as good and the voyager can play movies but it dont have the tilt mode for when you move the phone around they r both good

  13. What is happening yall! But o’curse iM down with teh “V” I have an EnV phone and its chill but I will be getting the Improved V-cell. My plan is for all ya fools out there

    Wait in line in the cold and stuff just to get it first
    Then if you all cry like little girls then the phone is not good

    If you all act like a kid on their bday then I will roll to the store flip out my black card and purchase the Vphone.

    it seems like its gonna be a good phone so don’t worry you weak minded buyers that get brainwashed with advertisments…I think you all be ok with this phone…

    I’ll see you all a week after the release date!!
    “The strongest at mind, body and soul will always survive and control”–V. Darwin knew what he was talking about!

  14. I’m pretty sure the voyager will be the front runner this season on the phone to have. Verizon will always be the leader in reception. Now it will be in first place when the voyager hits the stand. The same people who cancelled contracts with verizon to get their hands on the iphone will hop their asses back to verizon to get their hands on the voyager. I returned the iphone because I was very disappointed in the reception…..I hope the voyager will take care of that problem. I will buy it, no matter what the cost is…….

  15. hey i think its a killer…i want the phione so badly i hpe the phone isnt to expensive…i hope the 2 year contract is for 160-200 but im not sure

  16. The voyager is a phone made for gods. The iphone was made for queens so if you are a tranny buy the iphone. If not get the voyager.

  17. Something you may not know…Verizon Wireless was offered the I-phone FIRST but PASSED on it because it didn’t meet their standards. Can’t remove the battery, can’t insure the handset, etc, etc. They took the idea and built on it creating their own version. AND NO, it is not EXACTLY like the I-Phone. The phone flips open to access the qrty keyboard to do texting etc. Something you may have a hard time doing with the I-phones touch screen and fat fingers. Anyway, Don’t HATE if you fell victim to the I-phones advertising…Prepare to take a ride on Verizon Wireless’s Voyager!

  18. The Voyager is an improved version of the popular LG enV, which was quite original (not couting the older V). Yes they added a touch screen, something that the iPhone has, but the Voyager is still certainly a unique phone. It not only has the touch screen, but a full QWERTY keyboard, making it a better phone for texting than the iPhone. On top of that, it is more powerful than the iPhone in several ways including the fact that it fact that it has a full HTML web browser and A2DP support. The iPhone is nothing original, it’s just hyped up. It is not the first phone to be entirely touch screen based. Before you call the iPhone original, you should look up the LG KE850 Prada, which was released several months before the iPhone. Apple is just good at getting attention. Despite what many people think, the iPod was not the first mp3 player and its touch sensitive controls could be found on a handfull of devices before the iPod had it. Apple is not original.

  19. Hey i have the iphone and the verizon looks like an exact copy. They should come up with something original instead if taking apples idea. And why all the hate on iphones. Verizon will never kill it I mean never. I like Verizons new phone but it think they could have made it alt different lookin from the iphone. Anyways The iphone rocks and thats that

  20. Ya, I phones are gay as hell, Ive messed around with them, and I have a pocket pc, which is pretty damn sick , touch screen top of the line smart phone. It makes people with iphones kind of mad, because its already almost just as sick. But I hate this damn thing, and I will get the voyager. Now quit telling everyone the realease date damnit! I don’t feel like waiting in a big ass line. But thanks, its good to know. LOLOLOL, Peace~~~

  21. Apparently the voyager is GPS enabled, but i want to see if the voyager even has an internet browser with the zoom in and out feature. For all of those wondering if verizon or cingular is better, i would vouch for verizon. I have used both servicies and I would agree with Cingular’s motto which is “The Service with the Least dropped calls” which makes perfect sense because they they also have the least connected calls. Trust me, Iphone does look tempting but its best if you wait for iphone to be compatible with verizon. And for side information, Verizon was apples first choice to be the carrier of the iphon, not cingular, but because apple wanted to manage its own distribution and prices (as you can see you can only get the iphone for $400 and no one has been offering discounts besides the one apple gave 600-400) Verizon rejected apple’s offer

  22. Oh! Thanks verizon now i can say that i have an iphone. My upgrade time for my phone is nov-24-2007 so i am going to get it.

  23. This phone looks amazing, and so much easier to text message with becuase of the full key board. If you ask me i think it is just a major upgrade from the enV, just with a touch screen. All touch screen phones don’t have to be compared with the iPhone.

    oh by the way the price is going to range between 249.99-299.99

  24. I know this is probably a dumb question, but what is the internet capability. My g/f has a Motorola Q which sucks! She can’t access a lot of things. Will this be a full “real” internet capable phone? I can’t imaging it wouldn’t be. Regardless, I am so happy that I flaked on getting an upgrade when I became eligible four months ago. Procrastination rocks!

  25. I will most likely be returning my Razor2 for a Voyager because I wantr to stick with Verizon. Voyager pros seem to mainly be the keyboard, but unlike the iphone, I don’t see anything about it being able to play movies like the iPhone, and I have no clue how smooth the interface will be. Hopefully a video demo will be available soon.

  26. Seriously, like I’ve got to get the LG Voyager. It is quite simply, ‘the bomb’, yo. I got an iPhone, but the LG Voyager is going to be THE BEST CELL PHONE EVAR!! I gots to have it!

  27. Geezzz, look at these weirdos above me, they must have no life! I do have a life and it’s going with my boyfriend teo! He needs a haircut though and some proactiv stuff!

    But its a phone, sureee let’s go make love it, let’s not & say we did!

    Love you all!

    -mrs. wendy aviles

  28. Where do we start?

    Like oh my god! We seriously have fallen in love with this phone. Everyday we are in classs we seriously just ponder and sdmire it’s beauty! We absolutely love it, we would make love to it, and we will! On November 18th, we will go camp out the night before it comes out, and just seriously dram about it, and just stalk it through the windows. No kidding, y’all. Just look at it, iut’s uber sexy! So hot, all the buttons that you can touch, and whoopie itll take you to another screen. Ahhhhhh! This is eriously way better than the phat iPhone! OMGOSH, diego is like licking the screen beside me of just the voyager. and of course im on the verizon’s site of it, just staring it. OMGOSH country, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! AHHH! UBER SEXY!


  29. OMG!!!!!!!!! yes i knew it was coming……i saw another website and it said that its coming in november and thats when my upgrade for my phone is.hold on,yes my dad said i can get!!!!!!YEAH!!!! i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE VERIZON WIRELESS I SERISLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  30. You can’t call a phone an iphone killer when it won’t serve the same market. Verizon has a certin network and can’t use an iphone if they offered the iphone and the voyager together then anyone could make the case of an iphone killer. If i could get an iphone i would have it but i just don’t want to switch my network.

  31. Apple’s iPhone is NOT a few steps ahead. When it was announced it came out with EDGE when it should have been UMTS to be more with the current data technology. Be real. Nice phone, but it didn’t have everything thought out for the times.

  32. Monk, you just hold tight, shortly after the voyager is released, both phones will be history…iPhone 2.
    Apple always is a few steps ahead, all the rest follow.

  33. sounds like John Toma bought an IPhone, and doesnt want people to speak badly of a device on which he spent his hard earned dollars…. boo hoo!

  34. Why all the hate? Both the Iphone and the LG Voyager will serve different people with different requirements. Both phones have their pros and cons. No phone is perfect. Stop bashing and get over it.

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