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Despite our economy falling to pieces, people still attend bars and clubs in droves.  The most expensive item?  Booze.  The margins on a bottle of alcohol are up to 90%, which means that the club owners are getting rich, provided of course they can keep the traffic flowing.  And whilte they’re getting rich you’re trying to drink your sorrows away.  Which is ironic since the very reason you’re depressed is because you don’t have enough cash to go around – it’s a vicious cycle.  Unless of course you take control and bring a flask with you to the bar.  A bit tacky, but in a time of economic despair you gotta do what you gotta do to.

However, there is a problem? Sneaking booze into a bar will get you kicked out.  Unless you have one of these Phone Flasks.  They’re far more practical than the Wine Rack or Beer Belly since it can slip into your pocket.  Each one holds up to 8oz of liquid and since they’re disguised as an iPhone 4 security will be none the wiser.

Fittingly, the lock button slides back and opens the would be headphone jack, which is in fact the flask’s opening.

Unfortunately, the Phone Flask is a concept only and couldn’t receive enough funding to become a reality.  We think it’s a great idea, so perhaps they should try their idea with the Kickstarter.com community.

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