iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
98 Expert Rating

Today’s best smartphone to you might be the best phone for business. And with the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 5G coverage, it sets itself up to be the best 5G phone you can have right now. Apple’s notorious toughness on what apps get uploaded to the App Store also help it stand toe to toe with the most secure phone.

Why We Like It – iPhone 12 Pro Max

Take picture after picture and be in awe of the quality the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max can pull off—especially when you subject its camera system to low light environments. Oh, and it has one impressive battery.

  • Impressive camera system
  • Beautiful, colorful display
  • Fantastic battery
  • Pricey

Overall Performance

The iPhone 12 Pro Max wants the cameras to really shine, even going as far as to give the main camera a larger sensor. Colors are vivid and incredibly accurate to life, with contrast being particularly good in low light settings. Its telephoto camera, for example, still captures so much detail, even when up against the sun. In addition to being impressive, it comes with features like: HDR video, Dolby Vision, Portrait Mode Night Mode, and Apple ProRaw.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max wrestle when it comes to battery power. On one hand, the S20 Ultra suffers more if you use 120Hz refresh rate, but can match the 12 Pro Max because it’s already limited to 60Hz. You can get through most of the day on a single charge. And it comes with fast and wireless charging.


A 6.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2,778×1,284 looks exceptional—especially as an OLED with HDR. Its brightness, for example, reaches a maximum of 800 nits, meaning you can easily view the screen when directly in sunlight. But if we’re talking quality, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a slight advantage in resolution and screen size. you can also check out the end to end AMOLED screen in Motorola Edge.


Common in mid-range to top shelf handsets, the iPhone 12 Pro Max continues the trend of having a high ingress rating. It sits comfortably with IP68; however, it isn’t immune to water damage. It’s looking exceptionally premium (personal favorite is the pacific blue finish), yet tough with its Ceramic Shield, stainless steel frame, and Gorilla Glass.


Not unlike other Apple products, the Pro Max Apple iPhone 12 is expensive. You’ll be shelling out nearly $1200 for one, but you can make monthly payments if you want one that badly. The better question is: should you get one? If you want the latest and greatest, save your money and go with the iPhone 13 when it drops. For bargain hunters, we suggest the Google Pixel 5.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wrap Up

The iPhone 12 Pro Max wants to do so much in one go, and for the most part it does that exceedingly well. It’s just a shame its price is still steep. Thankfully, the iPhone 13 isn’t far off, which means it’ll come down in price to something more affordable. That should give most people the opportunity to experience its fantastic camera system, battery life, and great display.

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