ipad musical shower curtain

If you think showering is boring, then why not add some entertainment to the mix while you wash your hair and scrub your body? You must be thinking that’s impossible unless you have a built-in TV in the shower (like the rich), but the iPad Musical Shower Curtain allows you to take your iPad with you into the shower. It allows you to do so with its waterproof pocket that will keep the iPad safe from water and you’ll be able to hear what you’re watching with its built-in speakers. This shower curtain will forever change your bathing experience!

So the iPad waterproof pocket zips closed from the outside so it won’t allow water in and will keep it safe from moisture. Its integral audi cable can connect to any iPad, iPhone, Android device or MP3 player to the two speakers in the upper left and right corners of the curtain so you can hear what your watching. And to control the iPad, the shower-facing side of the pocket is made from a touch-enabled material so you can easily start media, navigate controls and even take a call (although that might be a bit awkward. The curtain requires three AA batteries and goes for $49.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

ipad musical shower curtain

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