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iPad Foosball Table Actually Works Like the Real Thing

Up until this point, the gaming devices we’ve seen for the iPad have been a one, maybe at best, two person affairs.  Which makes perfect sense given the relatively small size of the Apple tablet device.  That’s why we’re perplexed about this Foosball gaming rig.

It’s made by none other than New Potato Technologies, who also brought us the iPad Pinball and Jackpot Slots machines.  Much like the aforementioned pieces of kit, you place your iPad into the Foosball table, fire up the free Classic Match Foosball app, and whamo, you’re on your way to reliving your college dorm days.  And yes, all eight control bars are fully functional like the real thing, though the app does offer 1, 2 and 3 person versions of the game.  Other features include 3D instant replay, and the ability to charge your iPad as you play, though the iPad Foosball table requires no power to work.

Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with the iPad 4, but on a brighter note it appears to be available now for $100.

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