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When searching for the best air purifier, make sure you give the IonPacific Ionbox some consideration. Convenience can be a key factor when searching for the best filterless air purifier, and convenience is what the IonPacific Ionbox is all about. With two different ways to power the device and it’s amazing portability the Ionbox will make sure to clean the air of any room you need it to.

Why We Like It – IonPacific Ionbox

The IonPacific Ionbox Air Ionizers do what a lot of filterless air purifiers can’t do and that is purify, at the very least, a medium-sized room. Combine that with its cleaning capabilities, anything from small microbes to smoke to pet dander, and you have a powerful cleaning machine on your hands.

  • Dual Voltage
  • Comes With USB Power
  • Extremely Portable and Lightweight
  • Loud
  • Needs to be Close to Light
  • Annoying Blue Light


IonPacific Ionbox Air Purifiers the powerhouse when it comes to negative ion generators. Upon being plugged in and turned on it will release 20 million negative ions per second and will destroy pet dander and other air pollution particles for better indoor air quality. Further, the dual voltage allows you to plug it into a 110V or 220V outlet. But if you prefer classic filterless filters, try the Airfree Air Purifier.


If you don’t have an electrical outlet anywhere around you, the included USB power supply will let you plug into any USB-enabled device to run your fan! Not even the Airfree P1000- can do that. What’s more, you can save a little on your energy costs by avoiding plugging it into the wall. And another bonus, it can cover a 500 square foot room which is double what most filterless air purifiers can do.


Obviously, the main draw to this air purifier is that it’s filterless. You won’t need to spend money on expensive filters, such as the ultra-expensive pure HEPA filters. But just like most filterless air purifiers, such as the Airfree Iris 300, it can filter odors too. So having one in your kitchen, or if you have a smoker in the house, will make the unit even more valuable.


At 5 ounces and barely the height of a stuffed teddy beat, the IonPacific Ionbox is among the lightest and smallest filterless air purifiers we’ve seen. But here’s where some of the downsides come in. Despite being so small you’ll know it’s there because it emits fan-level noise. We know that’s not a huge deal, but it’s even to cause some frustration if you’re trying to work. For such a small device, it’s quite loud.


For the price, you can’t really go wrong with at least picking one up and trying it out of you’re curious. However, just make sure you have it close to a light source or its effectiveness will severely drop. Further, the blue light it emits in darkness, combined with the noise mentioned above, can get very distracting. Placing it in a bedroom can, thus, be very annoying.

IonPacific Ionbox Wrap Up

There are some trade-offs you’ll have to make when it comes to this negative ion generator. It’s loud and it needs to be close to light to be fully powered, so bringing it to sleep with you is inadvisable. But it’s accomplished a lot for a relatively new technology, including amazing room coverage and multiple ways to power!

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