Whether or not wearable computing really is the future of mobile is an open question. But that isn’t really stopping anybody from trying to make that happen. Case in point, the team at ION Glasses are hoping to make “nerd glasses” more than just a slang term. While you exhilarate over this awesome and disruptive technology, you can check out our recommendation for the best online eye glasses vendor. If you’d rather wear contacts, take a look at our Nike Maxsight contact lenses (are the new sunglasses).

Slightly More Discreet

There is something of Q Branch about these glasses, it should be noted. They’re designed to look like fairly typical glasses, but they pack two buttons, a screen, Bluetooth, and of course a notifications buzzer. These may be some of the best smart glasses currently on the market. You’ll be able to get alerts in your eye, although there’s a limit to what anything can do, and sync them directly to your phone. The question then becomes… why do so? Complete your collection of spy equipment with our hand powered walkie talkies review.

Control, Control, Control

Mostly, it’s to give you control. Most of us get enough notifications between the email accounts we have and the social media accounts we run that we get sick of pulling our phones out constantly. The notifications will let you know whether it’s a call you should actually take or your Uncle Herman tagging you on hideously inappropriate Facebook posts again. And if you need to use your phone for other purposes, such as, for example, changing slides in a presentation, or screwing with your friends by activating features remotely, the buttons on the glasses make it not only possible, but easy. Also potentially highly entertaining, depending on the apps you pair the buttons to. For another high quality piece of tech, take a look at our Jacob Jensen’s weather station (takes weather modular) review too.

Glassy Eyes


And, best of all for many, they can be prescription glasses, albeit the frames may leave something to be desired in the long run; David Sedaris was right when he said that when it comes to fashion, time singles out eyeglasses for special punishment. Still, starting at just $99 for the set, a savings of $1400 or so over Google Glass, the dorkiness might just be worth it.

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