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The Interior Car Lights Govee Car LED Lights comes with such an array of colors that it almost seems impossible to be able to scroll through them all to choose the perfect color for yourself, and that’s awesome. These lights are only for interior use though. Please try looking at our best car accessories list for more great car customization options!

Why We Like It – Interior Govee Two Line Waterproof Controller

The Interior Govee Two Line Waterproof Controller is perfect for the person who loves a flashy ride. The upgraded two-line design allows for easier installation on any make of vehicle, and the kit even comes with a car charger. Control is much easier too thanks to the Govee Home app.

  • Dash Car Lighting Customization
  • Built-in fuse to protect vehicle lights
  • Prime Eligible
  • Interior Lights only
  • Incredibly flashy


The Govee Lights Two Line Design Waterproof LED Strip Light Upgrade contains an upgraded two line design with longer wires and is suitable for any model car. The Govee Car LED Strip Light comes with DIY Colors with over 16 million colors and tones for your personal customization of color modes. Of course, all these lights and customizations make your car incredibly flashy which people might not enjoy or want to draw attention to. Consider the Drop Stop Original Patented Filler for something more low-key.


The Govee Light Upgrade Two Line Strip Lights not only comes with LED Strips but with a handy car charger too in case your phone runs out of juice during your drive. The Car Lights Govee’s cigarette lighter plug has a switch and indicator light and a built-in fuse to protect the vehicle lights. You can check the amazon item page for additional information. While you’re there, please enter Charger Ainope Aluminum Charging Compatible if you’re looking to upgrade your car without spending too much.


The Govee LED App Controller Lighting Kits allows you to control the kits multi DIY Color Color Music via the nifty Govee Home App. Having a screen to set your lights is much more convenient than having to scroll through a list of colors using a remote control. The Govee Lights Car retails on Amazon for $24.00, which is very affordable, but unfortunately doesn’t qualify you for free delivery. But like the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets it is Prime eligible!

Interior Govee Two Line Waterproof Controller Wrap Up

The Govee Car Interior Lights may seem like they’re only concerned about flashiness, but the built-in fuse is proof that the people at Govee are concerned with safety too. While it’s pizazz may not be for everyone, those who enjoy a lot of dazzle will be happy to know that the lights are Prime eligible and will ship to your place almost instantly.

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